Some ‘brutish’ reflections from an Australian fan about the English Premier League.

I don’t follow any team. I am very neutral supporter of the world’s game.

How long do you give MAN U’s coach David Moyes?

Personally, I hope he can pull through at least the rest of the season. He seems like a decent fella. I was hoping he could do well, but in the back of my mind I thought even way back during the whole Fergie drama that Fergie may be setting himself up, even subconsciously to get back into the fold eventually. Obviously things aren’t working at old Man U, but these sour days were always on the horizon since Everton beat a pondering MAN U last season and Fellaini and their coach looked the real deal. Man U fans don’t like losing. They are winners, like their team and quite honestly this preposterous notion of ‘having to win’ makes me feel better for their suffering.


Liverpool’s season is without a doubt the talk of the EPL world. Suarez has been more than a revelation and in a way so has the rest of the team. When Suarez was biting at the bit to go before the start of the season, Liverpool obviously knew something about themselves which the wider EPL world didn’t know to keep him at home. What I like about Liverpool as a neutral supporter is they ‘seemingly’ have a lot of English stars in their team who actually produce. Chelsea were my pick very early on to win the EPL and they will be hard beat despite Liverpool’s amazing success this season.


I have never liked Arsenal. Look, I am a neutral supporter from an outside country and I’m just putting it how I see it. From the copious amounts of time I have seen them play, Arsenal often lacked endeavor and a propensity to win. I have even read the book about Arsenal called ‘Fever Pitch’  by Nick Hornby. To me Arsenal as a major EPL team isn’t that inspiring. They have nearly always relied on their major class of footballers to pull them through. I don’t like their style of play. Never have, nor their coach.

I know its kind of a brute summation, but its just the way I see the EPL, ever since the days I presented the former coach of Australian football Frank Arok our club appreciation award. Hey it’s somfing!

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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