Pistorius Murder Charge


I was watching all the feedback on Expecting Rain about this topic ‘Pistorius  Murder Charge’  and it struck me when I noticed how precise and vicious people seemed to be about Pistorius (especially using  his disability in their remarks, ‘like he has no leg to stand on’) about being guilty.  I thought ‘my Gawd these guys are Dylan fans and yet they are so shallow about inflicting a jury vote  whilst bantering about a man’s  disability’.  He could be guilty, he could be innocent, what concerns me more is how people mock the legal process and this man’s disability and make preemptive strikes on a person based on extremely limited data, like tabloid media.

Do we have tabloid enthusiasts who like to play judge?

Anyone who is willing to comment on the fate of the accused, but hasn’t heard every scant detail of every shred of evidence and hasn’t seen every side of the story and every expression that goes with it, not least heard the rest of the trial, but yet are still willing to adjudicate about a man’s life for whatever medium including ER are pre-emptive, gossip mongers – twisted folk, to put it nicely.

These are problems I’m afraid which run rampant in our societies and that isn’t exactly a healthy thing for the future of our species.

This is a far more important case about ourselves, especially the media and society than the case about Pistorius will ever be. With the utmost respect to the victim Reeva Steenkamp whose family I hope receives solace knowing that her death has made us all the  more wiser and that the truth of what happened will be  presented by  the judge (not a jury as I had originally thought) who has seen everything we haven’t.

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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