13/8 – 19/8 Imagination, sharks, baseball, evolution, cats and reality. - It would appear that Monday’s News on the March may not be a suitable title of the content of this post. Perhaps ‘The week that was in my digital world’ is more akin to what I’m trying to do here.¬†
6/8 – 12/8 News on the March - I hope it’s not considered too flattering on my part if I borrowed the iconic newsreel from Citizen Kane for my Monday news space. These are some of the news, articles, and videos that caught my attention this week: Befriending
30/7 – 5/8: More Mass shootings and DA Pennebaker remembered. - The idea of this new Monday weekly event post is to present my meandering thoughts and reflections on various news or ‘other event’ related topics of the past week and provoke readers into discussion. While I aim for it to
Neil Armstrong narrating his Apollo 11 moon landing using Google moon - This post is the final in a 3-part series to commemorate the 50th anniversary Apollo 11’s landing on the moon. I found this sensational clip while watching the following interview with Neil Armstrong. Neil of course is as almost well
Low on fuel and off course. Relive Apollo 11’s touchdown. - As we quickly approach the 50th year anniversary of Apollo 11’s remarkable feat of touching down on the surface of the moon (July 20, 1969, at 20:17 UTC), I wanted to relay this stunning recreation of the event by the

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