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The Happy Prince – Oscar Wilde (adapted and directed by Orson Welles) - When I was a child, I used to play this record incessantly.  Today, as a 45 year old man, it still brings a tear to my eye! It remains the most beautiful and heart-wrenching fable I have ever had the
11.00 am ANZAC day 2003 - My brother Jonny and I sat on two wooden chairs opposite the bed hunched over our knees. Numb. The chairs had never got so much use as they did that morning nor would they get any kind of practical use
The Puss’ Bus is for Us - Some Navy members referred to their vocation as the ‘Puss’. Personally, I found it an ill-bred term because I was a stuck-up son a of a bitch. But I cackled when a drillie berated our whinging group, “Build a bridge
‘Watching (yourself) like you are a snake’ - 'Watching (yourself), like you are a Snake'
Murky Waters - Deeper thoughts lay within A cove of great despair It’s sad and it’s of murky waters Once shone a lustrous blue Touching remains sunk deep within Oh, time heals everything, but Your stirring love, scarring detail Treasure chest full, rusted

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