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The Kookaburra Moment Part III (Final) - This Wednesday’s literature extract resumes from Part 2: I realise that all things good about myself are not in me but others close to me.  After a while Susan wandered over.She opened the door and wiped a tear from my
The Kookaburra Moment Part II - This Wednesday’s literature extract resumes from where Part 1 left us: Susan and I peered from inside, praying the kookaburra didn’t fly away. I looked at Susan as she smeared her hand across her mouth in a vain attempt to
The Kookaburra Moment Part 1 - Susan loved eating fresh barbecued fish, but the thought of having bones wedged down my throat meant I couldn’t last the meal. But I delighted in watching Susan munching the tailor flesh like a primeval woman at the mouth of
Learning a Second Language and AnkiDroid - If I remember rightly the three principal components I highlighted as integral to learning a second language were as follows: Establishing Key relationship connections in the second language Receiving sufficient comprehensible input, and Immersing oneself into the culture and creating
‘We require more Mindfulness and Discipline’ – Daniel Schmachtenber - Don’t skip this post or you will miss a great Poem. I wrote in a previous post that my favourite philosophical debate was Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson arguing ‘What is True’. Since its release it has become widely recognised

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