Dylan’s Desert Island Revue – Final Compilation Release

On the 4th September this year I initiated a project on the Bob Dylan Expecting Rain – Rare Recordings forum. The project entailed compiling Bob Dylan’s greatest live recordings, which are felt by members as superseding their original. One member named MW described the aim as follows: ‘If you were stuck on a desert island, is there an unreleased live recording of a song that you would would want or could happily live with in place of the official studio version (or bootleg). From that description we derived the final compilation release title – Dylan’s Desert Island Revue.

Little over 2 months and 89 nominations later, below is the 4 volume Dylan’s Desert Island Revue (DDIR) compilation:

DDIR (Dylan’s Desert Island Revue) Volume 1 1960’s 1970’s (372MB, 22 files)
DDIR Volume 2 1980s (593MB, 26 files)
DDIR Volume 3 1990s (359MB, 20 files)
DDIR Volume 4 2000s (473MB, 21 files)

File names include: Date, Song title, Location, ERnominee

Below is the list of individual nominations which make up the entire compilation:

1963-08-17 Only a Pawn in their Game – Forrest Hills Tennis Stadium, NY  – IO Farm
1963-10-26 Boots of Spanish Leather Carnegie Hall  – Smoke
1966-04-20 It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue Melbourne – belleseb32
1966-05-16 Just Like a Woman Sheffield  – belleseb32

1974-01-06 To Ramona Philadelphia  – belleseb32
1975-10-31 I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) Plymouth – tom thumb
1975-07-03 Abandoned Love NY The Other End – The Bard
1975-11-04 I Dreamed I Saw St Augustine Providence  – Nellie
1975-11-11 Romance in Durango Waterbury – belleseb32
1975-12-02 Hurricane Toronto – belleseb32
1976-05-03 Shelter From The Storm New Orleans – belleseb32
1976-05-11 Spanish Is The Loving Tongue San Antonio – belleseb32
1976-05-16 Going Going Gone Fort Worth – belleseb32
1978-07-01 Tangled Up In Blue Nurnberg (LB-7929) – my precious time
1978-07-04 The Man in Me Paris  – Meuse2208
1978-11-11 All Along The Watchtower – Nellie
1978-12-09 Where Are You Tonight Columbia  – belleseb32
1978-12-10 Changing of the Guards Charlotte  – tyger
1979-11-16 When He Returns, San Francisco – Smoke
1979-11-16 Solid Rock San Francisco – belleseb32
1979-11-18 When You Gonna Wake Up Santa Monica  – belleseb32
1979-11-18 Precious Angel Santa Monica – Smoke

1980-04-20 Saving Grace Toronto – IO Farm
1980-04-20 Do Right To Me Baby Toronto – IO Farm
1980-04-20 Solid Rock Toronto – IO Farm
1980-04-20 Pressing On Toronto – IO Farm
1980-04-20 When He Returns Toronto – Levon
1981-07-25 I Believe in You Avignon – tom thumb
1981-07-25 Lenny Bruce Avignon France – IO Farm
1981-07-25 Saved Avignon – IO Farm
1981-07-25 In The Summertime Avignon – belleseb32
1981-11-10 It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) New Orleans – tom thumb
1981-11-10 Watered Down Love New Orleans – belleseb32
1981-11-10 I Want You New Orleans – belleseb32
1984-03-22 Jokerman New York (LB-9869) – Nellie
1986-03-06 Emotionally Yours Osaka – Nellie
1986-07-04 Emotionally Yours Rich Stadium Orchard Park NY (Buffalo) – IO Farm
1986-07-31 One Too Many Mornings Tacoma, WA – tom thumb
1986-08-05 When The Night Comes Falling From the Sky -Nellie
1987-09-17 I Dreamed I Saw St Augustine East Berlin – Nellie
1988-06-07 Man of Constant Sorrow Concord, CA – ApocalypseKurtz
1988-06-15 Its all Over Now Baby Blue Denver, CO – ApocalypseKurtz
1988-06-25 Stuck Inside of Mobile Holmdel, NJ  – ApocalypseKurtz
1988-06-25 Gates of Eden Holmdel, NJ  – ApocalypseKurtz
1988-06-30 Tangled Up In Blue Jones Beach, NY – – ApocalypseKurtz
1988-10-19 Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream New York  – Nellie
1988-12-04 Gates of Eden Oakland, CA – tom thumb
1989-06-28 Every Grain Of Sand Athens (LB-7240) – Nellie

1990-02-01 You’re A Big Girl Now Paris (LB-8699)  – Nellie
1990-02-06 Man In The Long Black Coat London (LB-6091) – Nellie
1990-02-08 Disease Of Conceit London – Nellie
1990-06-18 Political World Winnipeg – kuddukan
1990-11-18 Buckets of Rain Detroit – kuddukan
1993-10-08 If Not for You – smoke
1994-03-23 Tomorrow Night – IO Farm
1994-10-20 God Knows – Alamalam
1995-03-11 It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue Prague (LB-7257) – Nellie
1995-03-11 Man in the Long Black Coat Prague -tyger
1995-12-17 Dark Eyes Philadelphia – escapeedrifter
1996-04-13 This Wheel’s On Fire Madison (LB-3737) – Nellie
1996-04-13 Crash On The Levee Madison  – Carlhutchins
1997-12-19 When I Paint My Masterpiece Los Angeles – smoke
1998-05-19 The Man In Me San Jose  – tom thumb
1998-06-24 Love Sick Birmingham – ApocalypseKurtz
1998-07-01 I & I Dijon, France – kuddukan
1999-04-07 Tryin’ To Get To Heaven Lisbon – Nellie
1999-10-31 It’s Alright Ma Chicago – Smoke
1999-10-31 Stuck Inside of Mobile Chicago – Smoke

2000-09-19 Delia Newcastle  – Fat Bob
2000-10-03 Standing in the Doorway Paris – tom thumb
2001-03-09 Mr. Tambourine Man Fukuoka – Handsome Stranger
2001-03-14 Mr. Tambourine Man Tokyo – Carlhutchins
2001-07-12 Fourth Time Around Liverpool – tom thumb
2001-11-19 High Water (For Charlie Patton) MSG, NYC – Handsome Stranger
2002-10-30 In The Summertime St. Paul – tom thumb
2003-10-18 Boots of Spanish Leather Hamburg – my precious time
2003-10-20 Desolation Row Berlin (Schubert)  – Nellie
2003-11-03 Most Likely You’ll Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine) Zurich – smoke
2003-11-03 Highway 61 Revisted Zurich – belleseb32
2004-03-07 Moonlight Chicago  – escapeedrifter
2004-11-13 Dignity Rochester, NY – Handsome Stranger
2005-04-29 To Be Alone With You Beacon Theatre, NY – Ditch
2005-11-18 Tell Me That Isn’t True Birmingham – tom thumb
2005-11-27 Visions of Johanna Dublin – Smoke
2008-06-11 Rollin and Tumblin Salzburg – meuse2208
2009-10-31 It’s All Good Chicago – smoke
2011-06-22 Can’t Wait Milan  – bscore
2014-11-29 Stay With Me NYC – IO Farm
2015-06-20 Till I fell in Love with You Mainz – IOFarm

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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