Be Mine (2003) – David Gray

Be Mine David Gray

Be Mine is the second song to appear in the music project from David Gray and it is also my favourite song of his. I don’t think there is any other song in his catalogue which demonstrates his passion and raw talent better than Be Mine.  I like how he doesn’t mince words in this and just comes out with what’s going on his heart. It’s his proclamation of adoration for someone he’s just met and fallen really heavy for and wishes they would ‘be his’.  Check out below how he unleashes into this:

From the very first moment I saw you
That’s when I knew
All the dreams I held in my heart
Had suddenly come true
Knock me over stone cold sober
Not a thing I could say or do
‘Cos baby when I’m walking with you now
My eyes are so wide
Like you reached right into my head
And turned on the light inside

Wikipedia: “Be Mine” is a song by David Gray. It was released on 7 April 2003 as the second and final single from his sixth studio album A New Day at Midnight. The single peaked on the UK Singles Chart at number 23. “Be Mine” is also included on the album The Best of David Gray released in October 2016.

As I mentioned in my previous post about his Babylon track, I think David Gray is just such a great live performer and why I have included another live performance below.  The official release video version proceeding it is a doozy. I love how he takes the piss out of his head bobbles. A proper Artist.
He winds the song up effortlessly because it feels like he’s just conveying his pure raw emotion. And then comes the strength of his vocals when he sings ‘be mine, be mine’ which is astounding and then ‘Jumpin’ Jesus, Holy Cow!..’

Oh, I meant to ask if David Gray reminded you of someone else famous. It kept niggling me how he reminded me of someone and then my dear friend revealed who it was. I’m wondering if it’s just the two of us of who find an uncanny resemblance (more so in the eyes and facial features) between David and this other famous individual (but recently departed). I’ll reveal it in the comments.

So without further to do, Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you Be Mine by David Gray:

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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6 comments on “Be Mine (2003) – David Gray
  1. badfinger20 says:

    I really like the looseness of it…it’s loose and it’s tight at the same time…and very natural. I also like the pub atmosphere of the 1st video.

    • It’s funny, I got listening to a heap of David Gray last weekend with my kids when we were doing a You Tube Song marathon. You know..where you take turns choosing a song to play. I’d forgotten how many songs of his I enjoy. I also came across a new one I’d never heard before called ‘Say Hello Wave goodbye’. I hear a lot of Donovan acoustic in that song. Just wonderful. I’m glad you liked the song Max.

  2. Definitely a Donovan influence. I like the live performance – no high-jinks on stage – just sheer performance of the song. And the accompanying band is utterly supportive of the soloist and is not trying to show off. Good one. Well worth a bookmark!

    • Sorry, I’m late replying to you here Bruce. I hadn’t thought of Donovan until I heard his cover version of ‘Say Hello, Wave Goodbye’. Yes, thanks for confirming my suspicion of this Donovan link. Yes, he’s no thrills on stage, and the band do their quiet thing although the drummer really unleashes. I’m glad you liked it friend. I hope life is treating you well and your teeth aren’t giving you any more trouble.

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