10/12 – 16/12/19 Quantum Physics, Roman Vineyards and an Alaskan Hunter

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Welcome to Monday’s News on the March – The week that was in my digital world.

 Real Truth Science Documentaries:

I have been binge watching these scientific documentaries by ‘Real Truth Science’. They are some of the most illuminating documentaries I have ever seen. Jim Al-Khalili’s communicates these complex theories in such a way that they can be understood by the Layman. The overall production and visual presentation is exemplary.

I was particularly invested in this episode about Quantum Physics because I wrote  an article ‘Is it too early to rule out the Copenhagen classic interpretation?‘ which purported what this video demonstrates. This video proves as John Stewart Bell’s Theorem seems to suggest that the nature of reality is that only as conscious observers do we conjure particles into their existence. Or better put, Einstein’s version of reality cannot be true. Photons only become real when we observe them. The experiments shown in this presentation only confirms this.  The significance of these results is enormous! ..….… (Watch entire episode).

Travel blog article by Bram at Notes From Camelid Country:

Standing on one of the vertigo-inducing narrow terraces that have been painstakingly carved into the hillsides of the Ribeira Sacra, hundreds of metres above the River Sil in the gorge below, gives you a tiny glimpse into what it takes to produce a bottle of wine in this mountainous region. These terraces are responsible for some of Spain’s most distinctive wines, and they all have to be worked by hand. Some mountain goats would think twice about clambering around these hillsides…..Read Entire Article

Story at Intellectual Shaman:

Jimmy exited the 4th floor elevator, making his way to the vice president’s office. Writing for a men’s magazine was not what he envisioned. He believed he was a poet; he wanted to be a poet; at a time when most dream of money, Jimmy wanted to write words that couldn’t be unwritten. He was skinny; dressed in a cheap suit that was too big for him. Dress at Maximum Magazine was a part of company regulations and a way of measuring the worth of employees. He was worthless by their standards but he had words inside. He opened Mr. Bills’ office. It was shiny, the way mahogany and silver look when they’ve been polished. ...… (Read entire story).

Video podcast at Powerful JRE:

Glenn Villeneuve is a hunter, fisherman and TV personality, best known for appearing in the show “Life Below Zero”, which showcases the life of the Alaskan hunters particularly during the harsh winters.…....…. (Watch entire interview)

Poem by Mike Ennenbach at Mike’s Manic Word Depot:


threaded her way
in between
the nervous system
of impulse and adoration
wriggled her way
deep into the marrow..….(Read entire poem)

news on the march the end

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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11 comments on “10/12 – 16/12/19 Quantum Physics, Roman Vineyards and an Alaskan Hunter
  1. Fascinating…quantum and classical mechanics do not mix.

      • I am more of a text person in the context of science. Will do a search on YouTube when time permits. Thanks for the recommendation.

      • I was just rereading the messages and I noticed part of my message didn’t send. I must admit I didn’t like Science much at school although I did pretty well at Physics. I wish I had the patience and ‘technical know-how’ to read from text like you. Only in recent years have I been gouging on Quantum Mechanics’ videos. I don’t remember learning much, if anything about about the ‘nature of reality’ with respect to Quantum physics at school, but it’s by and far the most thought provoking aspect of Science I have yet come across. I meant to add when you watch the video it will distinguish between the Copenhagen classic interpretation and Einstein’s modern interpretation (nightmare/dilemma) in a way that is most unexpected, but utterly fascinating.

  2. Nadine says:

    “only as conscious observers do we conjure particles into their existence” – this was something like what my dad brought me up believing, said in various different ways. Wow I love the way you put it. Will try to make time for that video with the kiddos.

    • Those quotes were taken from the video itself. Although I wrote in detail about it in my Copenhagen article which I linked. What age are your kids? I hope they are able to understand it or may be you can help them. It was difficult getting my head around some details surrounding the experiments.

  3. badfinger20 says:

    Matt, you have me reading more travel blogs. I will search for them at times now. I like Bram’s.

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