When You Realise the Western Media is corrupt and is Anti-US for the first time in your life.

I realised this when I read this article on abc news Australian website:

The ABC news Australia article didn’t mention the US military killed in this bombing in its title. When has that ever happened with an ally or previously on this news site? If it was Trump as head of this mayhem, the press would have blamed him ad nauseam. But now the western media don’t seemingly care about western lives in accentuating their reported title.

This will not go well domestically or internationally for the US. I can’t imagine how this turns out.

As much as I despised Trump’s rhetoric (well now both sides), Trump still is the first President not to send troops into war in over 40 years, the Middle East was also as peaceful as we have seen in 40 years or more. The economy was booming and even the blue states were winning. The foreign international scene had not been as calm as its been in many a decade whether between China, Russia and the Middle East. Trump implemented the vaccines initially (which was disdained by all in sundry on the Dems side) and he was in favour of their use.

Now we have a world very different from when Trump left office. A current President openly supporting the radical left’s continued violence and institutional esposure of ‘CRT’ Critical Race Theory; a breakdown in the Middle East, restored tensions with China and Russia, economic ruinations through inflation and unemployment, a migration crises on the border, Socialist revival in the Americas (because of Biden’s policies) and above all THE censorship by the biggest social media platforms against free speech.

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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7 comments on “When You Realise the Western Media is corrupt and is Anti-US for the first time in your life.
  1. River Dixon says:

    Yup. It’s incredibly disheartening to watch. Our government has been bloated, twisted and corrupt for a long time now, both parties and everyone in between. But it really seems like things are coming to a head now. And it sure feels like what is happening is intentional.

    • Hi River, I agree it does feel intentional. I fail to grasp the logic in the sudden troops withdrawal coupled with the majority of western media’s indifferent reaction to it. I’m afraid that violence will also ramp up domestically in the US as well.

  2. One gets the feeling “It’s only just begun”.

  3. Synchronicity is good. Hehe

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