Desde el Dia en Que Te Fuiste (2015) – ChocQuib Town

Desde el dia en que te Fuiste (Since the Day you Left) was recommended to me by someone here in Colombia. Hiphop is not my preferred genre of music, but I really liked this song from first hearing. ChocQuibTown (sometimes written as Choc Quib Town) is a Colombian hip-hop group that fuses various musical genres. Although the band formed in Cali, Colombia the members are originally from the Colombian department of Chocó (Colombia’s rural Pacific coast). The music draws influence from a wide variety of modern genres including hip-hop and more recently electronica, combined with traditional Colombian genres including salsa, Latin jazz, and Afro-Latin rhythms.

En el mismo lugar estoy (I’m in the same place)
Esperando a que vuelvas (Waiting for you to come back)
No dudes en regresar amor (Do not hesitate to return love)
Dejo abierta la puerta
(I leave the door open)

No, no, no puedo engañar mi corazón (No, no I can’t fool my heart)
Las mentiras no le hacen bien (Lies don’t do you any good)
Y ahora no se sabe que es peor (And now you don’t know what’s worse)
Si mentirle o confesarle
(Whether to lie or confess)

Desde el dia en que te Fuiste was released on the 2015 album El Mismo (The Same) led by the reggae-tinged love song “Cuando Te Veo“. The single reached number 13 on the Billboard US Tropical Songs chart. Leila Cobo of Billboard noted a more commercial sound on El Mismo, viewing the album as an effort to transform the group from “critical curio to commercial star” that “appends pop song structure and stickier hooks to the band’s eclecticism‘.

Lyrically, the band discusses Afro-Latino identity and taking pride in its native region. Member Tostao explains, “It is important to generate that pride for our people because our country is always talking about negative things like guerrillas and drug traffickers, that kind of thing and we want to show another side.” A common theme in the group’s lyrics is the goal of attaining more inclusion for Afro-Colombians in the rest of Colombian society and in Latin America as a whole.

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2 comments on “Desde el Dia en Que Te Fuiste (2015) – ChocQuib Town
  1. The music you share is more eclectic than mine, so perhaps you should be ‘eclectic music lover’ lol. Anyway, it’s a pretty good song, with a vibrant groove that nicely melds hip hop, pop and Latin influences.

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