Great Sporting Moments 5 – Cameron Smith wins The Open at St Andrews

“What a week. I’m going to fall apart here I know,” a tearful Smith said after lifting the trophy…
“I had a lot of support out there, especially the Aussie guys. You kept me going out there. This one’s for Aus.”

Cameron wasn’t the only one going to fall apart. I have been watching Cameron compete at the highest level of golf for years now and I was always floored by his golfing prowess, but he hadn’t won a Major tournament until about an hour ago. Cameron Smith produced a final round for the ages at St Andrews. For a fellow Australian to win at St Andrews (where my Great-Grandfather worked before he migrated to Australia) and hold the most cherished trophy in all of golf – The Claret Jug after being 4 shots back at the start of the round – well, I’m besotted with felicity.

It is the best round of golf I have seen and by a consummate professional. How Cameron withstood that pressure as he was about to drive on the 17th hole – arguably one of the hardest par 4 holes in the Mayors and then manufactured a putt of pure finesse to curve around the most infamous bunker of all golf was the stuff of sporting legend. It really was. I am so elated that my Colombo-Australiano kids bore witness to that amongst other stupendous plays in the final holes.

Regarding who Cameron Smith is personally..well there is so little information about him apart from what I could find on the PGA tour web site: He is a Brisbane native and has aspirations to open a coffee shop when he retires and he is passionate about tinkering with his cars when he is at home.
Below is also the only video I could find of his final putt and I liked how someone commented:
The scraggly stache (and sometimes chin hair) + the mullet makes him look like he should be on the groundskeeping staff and not hoisting PGA trophies. And that made me root for him all the more, especially since he’s gotten so close to winning other majors before.

It was very timely that Mariah Carey’s classic Hero preludes this one.

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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2 comments on “Great Sporting Moments 5 – Cameron Smith wins The Open at St Andrews
  1. Badfinger (Max) says:

    Golf is a game I wish I would have played some. I love driving the balls but I never tried playing.

    • I was just saying how he putted around the infamous 17th bunker and then putting onto the 18th hole was just brilliant. I mean, this guy was 4 shots down leading into the final day. He’s my new Hero and he comes from a golf course which wreaked sewerage in QLD. He is the real deal.

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