Evergone (2022) – Christina Perri

I have been in an article hiatus the last 2 weeks because I have been enjoying the company of my two wonderful children. During that time, we listened to a lot of music amongst other things. Today’s song Evergone by Christina Perri was one of the most frequently played songs. I discovered it a month ago and like most of Perri’s material, the more I hear it the more I like it. When I sent Evergone to my kids a while back, their first reactions weren’t positive. My daughter told me ‘That doesn’t look like Christina nor does the melody seem up to scratch with her other material.’ But after subsequent listens, my daughter and son’s fondness of the song has soared, whereby they now consider Evergone one of their favourites.

Christina Perri has featured a lot here lately. I must admit I have become quite a fan of her music. What I find surprising is this isn’t the type of music I would ordinarily engage with. But I continue to marvel and be in awe of her melodies, singing and lyrical prowess. Each listening experience feels like listening to the song anew. I can’t quite pinpoint what it is about her music that touches me so, but I can say I am so impressed by her transparency, vulnerability and uninhibited image and presentation which is conveyed seamlessly in her material and delivery. Someone that does what she does in the way she does it, takes a valiant artist.
Christina basically offers master-class sessions on how to deliver a ballad. She is one of a kind. Irreplaceable. I feel indebted to hear her art.

Thoughts of you bring me back
To times I thought we’d always have
Who knew the world could spin so fast? I didn’t
I write letters to you in my head
Things we did and things we said
Today I heard someone say your name again

In your hopes and dreams
In your memories
In the songs we sing
In the ones we leave
We carry on
But no one is evergone

Evergone was released on Christina Perri’s recent album A Lighter Shade of Blue and it is the second song to feature here from it. It seems to reflect on the loss of her daughter in 2020 who was stillborn (and perhaps the miscarriage she had prior). I adore the music video below. I even get a kick-out of her combat boots dangling from the ride. I wrote in my last article about Christina’s classic ‘Jar of Hearts‘ how Julie Greenwald, chairman and COO of Atlantic Records said of Christina, ‘she was stomping on the piano in our lobby with her combat boots. She was so confident and poised‘.
Perri was born in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. She is of Italian and Polish descent and has called her family “very Italian“. In May 2022, Perri announced she was pregnant with her fourth child and gave birth to her daughter in October 2022.

Thank you for reading as always and I hope you enjoy Evergone as much as I have. Below the music video is a brief behind the scenes video featurette about the making.

Noone is Ever Gone

1. Christina Perri – Wikipedia

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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2 comments on “Evergone (2022) – Christina Perri
  1. Wow! I was unfamiliar with this song. I pulled it up and listened to it – and cried. What an amazing song. I found myself thinking about my mom who passed away in 2006 as I listened to the lyrics. Thank you for sharing this.

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