6/2 – 12/2/23 – Small Gods, Stalin & Perri

news on the march

Welcome to Monday’s News on the March – The week that was in my digital world.

Feeding the Small Gods
Poem by Theodora Goss

Leave bread soaked in milk for the piskies,
those pesky little men in red hats,
little women in green skirts,
who pinch the cat and sign a treaty
with the mouse king, who never
help you clean, who leave the muddy prints
of miniature shoes on your kitchen floor.
But if you didn’t, wouldn’t it be worse?
Keep slices of cake and wine for the pale lady
who comes to your front door,
sighing and reading poetry
in Irish. Set out a dish of liver dumplings
for the banshee, dog treats
for the kelpie, that sopping mess of a water horse,
even when he leaves trailing
green weeds draped over the parlor sofa,
or she uses you as an unpaid therapist.

(Read the entire poem at Theodora Goss Poems)

Evolution of Evil: The Story of Joseph Stalin and Hideki Tojo
Video documentary at Criminals and Crimefighters

For 30 years Joseph Stalin “the man of steel” ruthlessly dominated the Soviet Union. Born into poverty on the fringes of the Czarist Russian Empire, he became a gangster and then a revolutionary. He was part of the original Bolshevik leadership team, but when Vladimir Lenin died he took his chance to grab the top spot. His quest for absolute power transformed his nation, but at a brutal cost. (View video documentary here)

Christina Perri (video short) – Evergone Release

I wanted to give back some of the joy Christina’s music has brought me, so I thought ‘I would like to buy a sweater of her latest album’ – Lighter Shade of Blue‘ for each member of my family. It’s actually called a ‘Tie Dye Hoodie‘ (see inset) – Homies.

But they are sold -out! Man, I wanted that sweater.
To quote Jim Carrey, ‘Can you believe it? It was right there. Can I do it one more time‘?

news on the march the end

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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