Virginia Woolf

‘Taking pleasure of influencing and misleading’- revisiting Oscar Wilde’s only novel. - For today’s ‘Wednesday book quote’ we revisit Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray. This section examines further the mindset and personality of Lord Henry whose brash and provocative monologue Youth is the one thing worth having was discussed previously.
‘Wickedness’ and The Brothers Karamazov - As you can tell from the excerpts below Dostoevsky makes his villains extraordinarily powerful. He makes those characters as strong, attractive and intelligent as he possibly can. Today’s book quote comes from a conversation between one of the most vile
Near death and contemplation of God from Robinson Crusoe – Daniel Defoe - As you may have gleaned from my recent book quotations I have been working my way through the literary classics with great gusto. I aim to present a weekly book quote on this blog every Wednesday. I’m currently reading Robinson
‘A morning inspiration’ – James Joyce - I thought it nigh impossible someone could adequately describe the spirit and unfettered freedom the instant upon waking in the morning just prior to awakening wholly, but I believe James Joyce in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young
‘Youth is the One Thing Worth Having’ – The Picture of Dorian Gray - When the decadent Lord Henry Wotton warns the irresistible young Dorian Gray that he really should not get sunburnt, his forthcoming remarks regarding youth and beauty are unashamedly brash, but correct none the less. In the opinion of this poster

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