The Lego Movie. Be Wary of the Hype

the lego movieI saw it The Lego Movie my son yesterday. I cannot understand 96% on Rotten Tomatoes. The beginning and end was interesting, but everything in between was well…very lego-ish. I felt like I was sitting in a boardroom watching a long lego promo.  I was interested in seeing a movie, a film, a story. I wasn’t interested having products and the Lego brand shoved down my throat.

To quote an astute IMD member, ‘This film tries to manufacture emotional depth without actually having any – kind of an example of the main problem, which is that just by wishing they made a movie with real meaning it could be so. Toy Story and so many other great animated movies actually HAVE emotional depth and real feeling, and the contrast highlights that this facsimile is using pure manipulation. And kids know the difference‘ – my son also left shaking his head at the end and wondering what had gone wrong and why it wasn’t like ‘Frozen‘.

Great advertisement for Lego. That’s what I got from it, more than any other message.  It hits on the nostalgia factor or the independent master builder message – but what is its end purpose? It’s just clever marketing. It isn’t in the same ballpark as the classic Toy Story 3.


“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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5 comments on “The Lego Movie. Be Wary of the Hype
  1. LAMarcom says:

    How ’bout ‘Cast Away’ for FedEx?

    • Good movie. Awesome soundtrack.

    • When I think of Cast Away, Fed Ex doesn’t come to mind. I think of the story and the music. When I think of the Lego movie, the product Lego only comes to mind. Cast away doesn’t exactly put Fed Ex on some pedestal considering their plane crashes and they are unable to find him, also the conditions of work in Russia leaves a lot to be desired.

      • LAMarcom says:

        Yes, after thinking about it (and I own the movie so have seen it multiple times), I have to agree with you. They couldn’t really make up a parcel carrier and keep some credibility for the movie.

  2. I own the movie too and have seen it at least 5 times. Silvestri’s music is wonderful in it. You’re right, the fact he works for an ‘existing’ company gives his ordeal more credence. Btw Nice to know someone read my blog. Ty. Haha

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