How the Corporate World Talks to Itself and Scattered Thoughts on the Gillette Ad

This was an informative and interesting presentation regarding what really drives big companies these days and how the corporate world talks to itself. It’s a misconception that firms always aim at maximisation of their money profits, rather they try to aim at maximising their psychic profit and also pandering to staff more than customers. Also they must meet their ‘great bastions’ of diversity quota to up themselves on the indexes of diversity and inclusion. Moving the needle on certain social issues seems to be where it is at.

Scattered thoughts after re-watching the Gillete video last tonight:

*Women bully women as well at school and particularly in social media and it often leads to suicide attempts, and self harm. Where’s the corporate message directed towards women about that? Has anyone seen Jonathan Haidt’s statistics on the alarming upsurge of depression among women and suicide attempts.

*l also really feel for all the young boys in the world being told too stop behaving like boys.

Based on my interpretation watching the video we are told the following as men and boys:

*Don’t roll and tumble on the grass and slug it out a bit and settle your differences. Adults have to be there. Coddling anyone? This video came to mind:

*Also you shouldn’t approach women because that’s just not cool. So go back to your cave from whence you came. Has anyone ever heard of, ‘Sometimes it takes just 20 seconds of insane courage’. Could anyone think that Matt Damon’s character in this movie clip had bad intentions when he approached his future wife?

* White men are inherently bad and men of color are the enlightened ones and even readily curtail white men’s bad habits.

*Can you imagine a hygiene product company or any company for that matter telling women to stop and think about alleged systemic feminine shortfalls?

*So it’s stated: 43% boys are raised by single women. 78% of teachers are female. So almost half of the boys have 100% female influence at home, and 80% influence at school. Boys are clearly under performing in almost every discipline to girls.

*How is ‘boys will be boys’ a threat or something we need to reeducate men on when there are clearly not enough men in children’s lives? The ad says ‘there’s no going back’, and echoes ‘boys will be boys’ like its from Jack’s pen in The Shining’.

There is something so malevolent and downright untruthful in this advertisement that conveys this certain Ezra Klein-esque mask of virtue which is telling us: THIS IS the right way you will think and act! Dangerous territory indeed.

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“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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