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30/05 – 5/06/22 Volunteer Work, Elvis & Fracturing of the Human Mind

Welcome to Monday’s News on the March – The week that was in my digital world. Bret and Heather 128th Podcast Livestream: Life, Death and Meaning Podcast at Bret Weinstein The reason for the inclusion of this podcast into this

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How the Corporate World Talks to Itself and Scattered Thoughts on the Gillette Ad

This was an informative and interesting presentation regarding what really drives big companies these days and how the corporate world talks to itself. It’s a misconception that firms always aim at maximisation of their money profits, rather they try to

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Ezra Klein, a Rational or Irrational Lefty?

I have been repeatedly queried as to why I stated that Ezra Klein would be moderate to far left on the political spectrum. So I have drafted this reply to the countless people on Reddit who asked me to explain.

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