Inauguration of the Music Library Project

Music Library

This project is literally all my life in the making, in the sense I have always felt compelled to safe-keep songs (even when I was a little tacker) that made an impact on me. The montage above captures those artists which have had the biggest bang for buck. I imagine given my music library currently houses 1222 songs this project of writing three song articles per week may take in the vicinity of 10 years to complete not including new songs which come to my attention.

Since I was very young, perhaps just after I heard Catch the Wind (Donovan) on the Wonder Years (see my post on that) I had this insatiable desire to replicate in real life what these songs meant. I failed more than I succeeded, but they remain ‘The Logos’ of sorts coalescing to form a divine-animated-universal principle pervading everything.

DorothyI would like to pay special mention to my grandmother Dorothy (photo insert) who was and always will be my immediate inspiration regarding music and I miss her more than ever although I still feel her soul ever-present.

I should mention here 3 bloggers who are my other inspirations towards undergoing this project given their deep adoration and education of music, namely Hanspostcard at Slice the Life, Badfinger at PowerPop and Bruce Goodman at Weave a Web.

From Monday 29/07/2019 I set forth on this adventure of rediscovering ‘the Logos’ and I hope the montage of artists featured above (amongst many others) maintains your interest in this exploration of music. I will delve into the catalogue in alphabetical order. To give you just the tiniest of glimpses in what will be explored here is a German song called – Wenn Du Liebst feat by Clueso:

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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16 comments on “Inauguration of the Music Library Project
  1. This is a fantastic idea Matthew and one I shall follow with glee. And thanks for the mention (although all three links given all go to the same page!) As you’ve no doubt had said to you all your life, but what the hell – Kick Arse.

    • I’m glad to get your glowing endorsement of the tangent I wish to go off on. For a change, I hope to be able to plan my posts ahead like you do.
      Ouch, thanks for letting me know about the link errors. I have now corrected those. I’ll take your aptly inspiring words and go to task. Hehe.

  2. hanspostcard says:

    Great idea and project. Looking forward to it. And thanks for the mention.

    • You’re welcome Hans. Reading your posts and discovering great new music within has become part of my daily ritual. I have added a lot to my music library from your posts over the months so I have you to thanks as well

  3. badfinger20 says:

    Thanks for the mention! Sounds like a great idea…I’ll be here.

    • Sure thing buddy. I’m looking forward to delving more into the music world and hope I might be able to discover some great new sounds by collaborating with others. I’ll see you around as usual Bad!

  4. Best wishes on your journey through these memories

  5. Array says:

    I see Archie Roach on your wall there- interesting. I have a couple of his CD’s- got to get them out and play them it’s been a while.

    • I’m probably more surprised you own Archie roach Cds than I was when you mentioned your liking the Go-betweens! How did you come across Archie? I saw him in concert in Melbourne with my favourite Australian singer-songwriter David Bridie back in the early 2000’s. I got his first two CD’s which were produced by David. Lots of good songs on those. If you like Archie I imagine you would like Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu. His album simply titled Gurrumul is something to behold.

      • hanspostcard says:

        I am trying to think how I heard of Archie- It was in the early 90’s I recall that much..maybe I read a review of his debut album- Charcoal Lane and got it. I have his first two albums. Will look up Yunupingu! Thanks for the recommendation.

      • Wow, you came early to the scene. I’ll be presenting a fair bit of music from both artists. I hope by that time you will have had the good fortune to hear Gurrumul. Cheers Hans.

      • hanspostcard says:

        Reading up on him- sorry to see he passed away a couple years ago…

      • Yes he passed away very young, due to an alcohol related illness I believe. A documentary was done about him recently which I haven’t seen yet. But it’s on my to watch list.

      • hanspostcard says:

        I see his music is on Apple Music! Will be checking it out. Will look for the doc- that might be harder to come by.

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