‘Abandoned Love’ (revisited) – Bob Dylan

The next song in the library is Bob Dylan’s Abandoned Love which has already been explored here in Is ‘Abandoned Love’ Bob Dylan’s saddest song? Click on the image below to revisit the song and peruse the engaging conversation. Abandoned Love Image

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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10 comments on “‘Abandoned Love’ (revisited) – Bob Dylan
  1. badfinger20 says:

    The breakup with Sara brought a lot of songs out of Bob…not what you want to inspire you but this is a sad song.

    • Hey bad, yes it’s like watching him in real time trying to process and rationalise his emotions only to find himself still a wreck.
      Btw I saw the Tarantino flick yesterday. I probably wasn’t as impressed by it as much as you. I thought it was bloated to hell. I agree with Bruce Lee’s daughter I didn’t like at all how it represented his legacy nor his martial-artist prowess. I realise it’s an alternative universe, but that was strange amongst other things. There were some excellent moments including when De Caprio’s character finally nails the scene in the saloon and his interactions with the girl. I think Tarantino’s writing in this one was much better than some of his more recent output. But how he represented the Manson cult was so cliche and zero background and context presented. Obviously the finale was a highlight, but very reminiscent of Glorious Basterds. He was obviously having a dig with his critics as well. He keeps parodying himself. I’d give it a 6 or 7 out of 10, but I can understand people loving it. I’d say half the movie was fantastic and the other half not anywhere near it.

      • badfinger20 says:

        Manson and the family were a prop and nothing more. It was about De Caprio and Pitt’s characters period which surprised me. The Sharon Tate character was there to throw you off I believe.
        I looked at the movie as a package…when you look at it as a whole it is entertaining. I liked how he got the time period down…
        As you probably would know…that was big to me.
        Was it his best? No…I agree with you…I liked the scene with the girl…
        It could have used some editing…some scenes went too long…Two scenes I can think of is one… the Pitt car scene and the Tate movie scene.

      • It seemed to me the movie was a collage of scenes – some great and some not so, but there was no cohesiveness to the whole. I agree with you the production, cinematography and costume design for that era were exceptional. I’ll let him get away with his fun on glorious basterds for revisionist history, but if you do it again and throw Bruce Lee under the bus I have a bone to pick… as well as the fact he fucked up the cliched Manson family part. Having said that Pitt and Caprio were great. I actually liked the scene with Tate in the cinema. It was cute. The whole thing just didn’t mesh for me.

      • badfinger20 says:

        Now I didn’t mention that…but you are RIGHT! I thought Pitt was going to get his ass kicked which he should have…when Pitt won…I thought…what the hell?…of course that wasn’t all…it was the way they demeaned Lee…I’m a huge Bruce Lee fan. I didn’t get that.
        I just thought it went a little too long…the cinema.
        Oh…off topic…but not… I just read a great book about the Manson murders…no its not a Manson bio…I wouldn’t touch one…this is about why it happened and many unknown things that have been found. I’m going to review it on a post in a couple of weeks.

      • Hey Bad I’m looking forward to that post of yours on the book!
        It weird, you know, I’ve never enjoyed Tarantino’s stuff that much in a cinema. Even Pulp Fiction when I first saw it. There are excellent moments in this movie which I’m looking forward to revisiting but not in the near future. De Caprio was so good in this.

      • badfinger20 says:

        It’s a different experience at home when you can dissect a movie…that goes with any I guess. His movies…because of the dialog its nice to view them from home where you can backtrack.
        I’ve never been a big De Caprio fan but I will admit…in this one I really liked him.
        Bailey my son doesn’t understand why I’m not a big fan so he dragged out Wolf of Wall Street and said dad…we gotta watch this lol.
        How…I don’t know but I’d never seen it…Bailey had but I will admit…he did a good job but it reminded me SO much of Goodfellas…the style and his acting reminded me of Ray Liotta… Scorsese kept it close to me…Maybe it was just me.

      • Yeh, I don’t know why it is. Perhaps you’re right about being able to dissect it.
        I’ve liked De Caprio in various roles especially The Revenant. I didn’t like Wolf of Wall Street at all despite it being Scorsese and a big hit.

      • badfinger20 says:

        I didn’t mean to pull us of course with that lol. I couldn’t help but like the Quaalude scene.

      • Na that’s fine. That was some kind of scene indeed.

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