Angeles – Enya

Enya Shepherd Moons
is the second song of Enya presented in this music library. It is the 5th song on Enya’s 3rd album Shepherd Moons released in 1991. The following is paraphrased from Wikipedia:
Although her music could be described as celtic and new-age music Enya never believed her music belonged in the latter genre. The album peaked at 17 on the US Billboard charts and she won a Grammy Award for Best New Age Album. She would pick up four Grammys in her career for this category.

When her previous album Watermark became an unexpected success and touring worldwide she returned to the studio to prepare her next album. She said “It felt like Watermark was a dream. It felt like it hadn’t happened. And in a way it’s nice because you can concentrate only on the music. You can forget about charts, how much you sold. You forget that…When I was composing new melodies I kept thinking “Would this have gone on Watermark? Is it as good?”

Enya picked “Angeles” and “Caribbean Blue” as highlight tracks along with her singing in Irish. I can see why she liked Angeles; it is a very mellow yet seductive piece which can induce in the listener a feeling of floating and lucid abandon.

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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26 comments on “Angeles – Enya
  1. I’ve never really warmed too much to Enya’s music. It always seems the same to me – and couple that with Celtic music’s proclivity for the morbid and it (personally) gets a bit much!

    • When I saw another Enya song come up so early into my project I had the intention of pulling it. I listened to it again and I was impressed for the reasons I mentioned in my post. I imagine less than 0.5% of the music I listen to is Celtic, but I don’t find it as morbid as you do, but I’m a romantic pessimist so take from that what you will. I’ll forewarn you when another Celtic song is due. Hehe.

  2. badfinger20 says:

    The lush background is what I notice…very full. Sometimes it overtakes her voice.

    • I can understand the criticism that the background sound / production over-saturates her voice. It’s the Enya sound we are all familiar with. But I still find myself enchanted by it at least on this occasion.

  3. badfinger20 says:

    The overall sound is good… I like her voice…and want to hear more of it.

    This is an odd comparison but The Alan Parsons productions remind me of this.

    • Excuse my ignorance I had to look up who Alan Parsons was. Did he overdo it?

      I’m currently watching Kershaw getting rocked again in PS. Fortunately you guys won last night.

      • badfinger20 says:

        Had some good songs. Eye In The Sky was a hit… you probably have heard it. They were known for a big production… I like it… I just didn’t expect it with a female artist… man that sounds sexist but it just took me by surprise

      • I was just playing this song now and I hadn’t heard it before but Connie had heard of it. How strange a Colombian has heard of it and I haven’t. Lol That’s a great song too! Thanks.

      • badfinger20 says:

        You see the similarity? Lol that is wild. They had a few more songs.

      • He produced records for the Beatles too huh? I don’t see the similarity, but perhaps it’s there but my ear isn’t up to speed.

      • badfinger20 says:

        He assisted yes… he is really good at layering music.
        It’s the full background… the layering

      • badfinger20 says:

        Yep! But they don’t score until the 6th or so… I still have hope lol

      • I hope so. There’s been a few food comebacks already this finals.

      • badfinger20 says:

        This is Kershaw now and it’s a rough first 2-3 innings then he settles down… its maddening! Lol just settle down in the first.

      • Yes, he’s doing well after the bad start, but no run support so far. Hmm fingers crossed. The three teams I like are the Dodgers, Pirates (same colors as my fav team Australian football team) and Oakland. Oakland loses again another Wild card game in successive years. Frustrating.

      • badfinger20 says:

        Speaking of uniforms the A’s are my favorite uniforms. In 1974 my dad was watching the series because it was the Dodgers and A’s… I didn’t know baseball at 7 but I remember the green and yellow… since then my favorite uniform.
        They scored one… Washington has a bad bullpen so we will see… but the Dodgers bullpen isn’t the greatest.

      • Dodgers is the best in the American league isn’t it? That’s interesting about your father seeing the series and you liking the colors haha. It’s 1100pm here and we have to get up for early since the kids have a school dancing competition. So I’ll leave you and the Dodgers to it. I hope they can get back into it. Cheers Max.

      • badfinger20 says:

        National League… yes they have the best record.
        Have a good night Matt!

      • badfinger20 says:

        I meant to ask you. How did you get into baseball being from Australia? You did tell me about betting

      • I was a big fan of baseball movies especially Field of Dreams, but baseball was never transmitted in Australia. When I moved to Colombia I started watching the MLB. I’d have it on in the background most of the time. It’s not anywhere near my preferred sport to ‘actually watch’ perhaps because I never followed any one team or was brought up with it like you folk. But I am enamored with baseball romanticism and tradition. Also, I can definitely see how people can get so carried away with the statistics and metrics. That side of it fascinates me too hence why I like those Foolish Baseball videos so much and tried to develop a betting strategy.
        What about yourself? Apart from being American what attracts you to it?

      • badfinger20 says:

        The way it’s not so rigid like American Football or Basketball. Fields are all different sizes not one size like football or other sports. No clock! I love that.
        Also the game now is pretty much like it was in 1920… to a point. The history is amazing with the numbers. Babe Ruth to Mike Trout… when you are up to bat no one can block for you or assist you. It’s you versus the pitcher or if you are pitching against the hitter.
        The game within the game. You are playing right field with two men on. Fly ball to you… will they tag up? Is the guy on first fast? Where is your cut off man?

        I like the slow pace that builds tension.

        Bet you regret asking lol.

      • Wow, what an illuminating answer! I like it also for all those aspects you mentioned. I frankly don’t know how they play so many games in one season and maintain that physical and mental intensity into Post Season. Incredible dedication and stamina.

      • badfinger20 says:

        That is why steroids and before that…. greenies were popular. It’s a marathon and tough.

        The toughest sport in my eyes is rugby… man that looks brutal.

  4. selizabryangmailcom says:

    We used to listen to Enya all the time. LOVED her. Not sure what happened. Just time passing….I guess……

  5. selizabryangmailcom says:


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