Comedy and Woke Culture

HI there. I’m coming out of  temporary slumber to present this video which appeared in my you tube feed recently which I thought was very engaging. It is a piece by radical feminist and socialist Tatiana McGrath written by Andrew Boyle.

This parody reminded me of Chris Lilley’s fantastic Australian comedy series ‘We Can Be Heroes’ and ‘Summer Heights High’ where he played a girl’s private school student Ja’ime King:

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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12 comments on “Comedy and Woke Culture
  1. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Haha, glad I saw this. The post was buried in a sea of emails! Titiana is very funny, especially with her work overseas with the less fortunate, lol. But Ja’mie takes the prize. LOL Hilarious. “Supposed to be a kid but looks like he’s in his 40s”
    Did you ever see the series Baskets? Then you know how Louis plays his mother. Men that do that well crack me up!

    • Hey Stacey! I’m glad you enjoyed the videos Stacey. Chis Lilley portays six characters in the mockumentaries ‘Australian of the Year’ and ‘Summer Heights High’. He is enormously talented and of course very funny.

      I’m feeling very tired today. You see, when I was reading Don Quixote it would send me to sleep after 1 or 2 pages. But last night my head was swimming in the mind of a certain vampiress named Rae. Well at least I think she’s a vampire. I’m on the home-stretch of your wickedly funny book. Thoroughly enjoyable and I can’t tell you what a timely relief it has been to read that style of book after slogging it through so much classical literature! I really love the characters and their interactions.
      I’ll definitely finish it tonight since I can’t wait to see how it ends.

      Oh by the way, my blog resumes next Monday. I just finished two articles today and will hopefully keep doing two articles daily so I can keep well ahead until I travel. I feel content that I’m doing something productive again.
      How’s your sequal coming along or have you already finished it. Forgive me if you have already told me.

      Cheers Stacey.

  2. Oh I forgot to mention I looked at a couple of clips of that series Baskets you mentioned. Looks really funny.
    By the way I just watched the first episode of season 10 of Curb Your Enthusiasm. I think it’s one of the best episodes in the entire series. Can’t wait for the remainder. Have you seen it yet?

  3. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Damn it, no! Haven’t seen it yet, partially because hubby’s not a big fan. He kinda likes Larry David but not like I do. So I’ve gotta sweet talk him into recording them for me….(I have yet to figure out how the remote works; Can I figure it out? Yes. But I don’t want to!) But anyway, thanks for reminding me about Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    Hahaha, very funny about the book. Don Quixote put you to sleep but you stayed up late with Rae and the gang, huh? Your words are extremely encouraging, and I appreciate it, Matthew! A lot because the story and style is NOT for everyone, and because it deals with lots of female perspective, men might (rightfully) get bored, so…I’m thrilled that you’ve gotten a few laughs and actually want to see how it ends, lol !!

    If you find the time, could you leave a review on Goodreads or Amazon? I also appreciate any questions, concerns, or criticisms, ’cause it’ll only help me with the last two books.
    Like for instance, you said you were struggling with the first two chapters–maybe you could tell me in an email (if you had time in the future) why that’s so and if I could have explained things differently or better organized. Have we written in the email yet? I don’t remember! But my email is my handle:

    Anyway, yeah, book II is already at the publisher’s awaiting edits, but I’m just now organizing III and IV. There WERE going to be 5, but I combined the last one so there’s only 2 more, ’cause even though I enjoy writing this series and think I have a great ending, I do want to end it and get into something a little more serious. I have to write at least ONE serious book before I die ! ! ! !

    Can’t wait for next Monday’s posts!
    Have a nice day and talk soon…………… 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • I’ll be definitely watching that 1st Curb episode again in these upcoming days. The issues the show raises are just so current. I was chuckling remembering certain scenes when I was doing yoga for godsake!

      I didn’t read your book with a critical mind set. I just wanted to enjoy it and allow it to be breezy. I’ve done book reviews / analysis before as a freelancer, but I read them differently. If I think of anything I’ll send you an email. I’ll definitely put a review of the book in your Amazon page.

      I thought I remembered you saying it was at the publishers. Fantastic. When do you expect it to be published give or take? I get what you mean about writing one serious book. Thanks for your kind words about my future posts. It makes it all worthwhile.

      Talk soon Stacey! Btw I cracked up with that line on page 257 where Rae retorts ‘Playing a bimbo on the -‘ Haha

  4. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Yes, thank you, that’s right! It’s what would be described as a “summer read” and supposed to be light and hopefully just fun. Not sure what’s going on with the publisher lately. They’ve been super slow jumping on things. If I’m lucky, it’ll be out by summer. With a new cover design, I hope!
    And ha ha–thanks for referring to a line that made you laugh. Made my day.
    BTW–where do you travel to? Different places every time? Your travels would definitely make great fodder for the blog, eh…? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • I finished reading it this afternoon and had a blast. Loved the last 2 chapters especially. It was a gorgeous closure. The last chapter reminded me a lot of a favourite book of mine ‘Breath’.

      I’ll be traveling within Colombia initially and then abroad around South America. I’m not really a travel blog guy, but if I come across anywhere amazing I might do something.

      I already feel sad that Rae is still not about. I miss her. I can’t wait for the sequel. I feel blessed to have read what you wrote. I won’t forget it.

      Talk soon Stace.

    • Hey Stacey, Just thought I’d shoot you a quick message to say I’m listening to a podcast which I thought you would find compelling due to our previous conversations and your personal experiences. I’ll provide the description and link below:

      Unlearning Race:
      A Conversation with Thomas Chatterton Williams

      In this episode of the Making Sense podcast Sam Harris speaks with Thomas Chatterton Williams about the reality and politics of race. They discuss his book Self Portrait in Black and White, race as a social and biological construct, the prospects of achieving a “post-racial” society, interracial marriage, and other topics.

      Thomas Chatterton Williams is the author of Losing My Cool and Self-Portrait in Black and White. He is a contributing writer at the New York Times Magazine and American Scholar, and a 2019 New America Fellow. His work has appeared in the New Yorker, the London Review of Books, Harper’s, and other journals.

  5. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Hi, Matthew. Hey, thank you for your positive comments about the book’s end. It’s so nice to hear, so encouraging! (especially from a man, lol !!!) I do appreciate your time spent on it and I’m happy it was evidently, for the most part, time well spent.

    Hey, thanks also for this alluring podcast link. I’ll definitely check it out and give you my reactions to it.

    Meantime, your travel plans sound interesting. When will you be leaving? I can’t imagine what you’ll discover out there. I hope it all feeds your soul and brightens your spirit….(more) 🙂 🙂 Talk soon…………!

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