Carry You Home (2008) – James Blunt

James Blunt 2008

This is the second song to feature in this music library from James Blunt. As I detailed in an earlier post I have always had a penchant for James because he’s an ex military officer like me. Unlike James I didn’t see actual war-time, but this song seems to encapsulate what it must have been like to lose someone close in war-time, but its speculative if that is what the song is about. I always assumed it was about a woman lost in his group. As others have said from seeing an interview with James, ‘It was concerning a female US soldier he personally knew that died in Kosovo and he became quite emotive about it when pressed and wouldn’t elaborate further….’

As already alluded, it would appear based on the song it was his friend, a female soldier. And she was dying, he wept over her dying body that he promised to take her back to New York to her Parents, and he did. It could also be interpreted as the story of a girl dying from cancer. “Trouble” would be cancer, back again. “Makes her body older” because she gets weaker. “She says its high time she went away”, she know she’s going to die. The only way is down. Or it could be about someone suffering from depression. The list is endless.

There is very little written about this song’s origins from the songwriters perspective. If the video is anything to go by, the video for the song is shot entirely in black and white and shows the story of a man travelling to return personal belongings of a dead soldier to the soldier’s wife. The combat scene in the music video below was shot at Bovington Camp, where Blunt had been stationed during his service in the British Army, and features soldiers from the camp.

Despite its unknown origens, the song above all captures a great deal which is relatable to many knowns of suffering and the loss incurred.

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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