Coming Around Again (1987) – Carly Simon

This song by Carly about romance and family is really well written and beautifully sung. I have always loved hearing it since being a young-en. It reminds me of when things were much more simple. Now we live in times when Cardi B and Megan scissor each other on stage at the Grammys and that is to be applauded or else. How times have changed!

Baby sneezes
Mummy pleases
Daddy breezes in
So good on paper
So romantic
But so bewildering

I know nothing stays the same
But if you’re willing to play the game
It’s coming around again
So don’t mind if I fall apart
There’s more room in a broken heart

The song seems to me be about compromise and following what your heart tells you. It’s how love can evolve and transform into family despite the hardships along the way in forging such a union. The security of a family unit (like an anchor) cannot be denied as it creates our fondest memories as children and stays with us for the rest of our lives.

Carly wrote the song for the 1987 movie Heartburn, staring Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep. The part I wrote above about hardships is evidently clear in the movie: the vagaries of domestic life with a man who isn’t fully supportive. Her marriage to James Taylor had ended in divorce, and she had two children. Many of her songs paint a picture of her life at that the time she wrote them according to songfacts.

According to wikipedia – The success of the song began a career resurgence for Simon. It peaked at number 18 on the US Billboard. The video below is part home movie of Carly Simon as a baby and young child with her parents.

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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3 comments on “Coming Around Again (1987) – Carly Simon
  1. badfinger20 (Max) says:

    Wonderful song Matt. I’ve always liked Carly. I didn’t remember it by title but I did when I heard the video.

    • Yeh, I don’t blame you not remmbering it by title, but the melody and sentiment is hard to forget. It’s very nostalgic and romantic.

      I just watch Phil Mickelson win the PGA – the oldest player to win a major in the history of Golf. I don’t know if you like Golf, but that was one for the ages.

      • badfinger20 (Max) says:

        It was nice to remember it because I haven’t heard it in a long time.

        I don’t watch Golf a lot but I love facts like that about any sport.

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