Cry Like a Baby (1999)- Kasey Chambers

Fellow Australian – Kasey who I have written about here before released a great song on her The Captain album. How I fell in love with Kasey’s music you’ll find at the ‘I’m Not Pretty Enough‘ post, but her success and influence started well before that time specifically her Captain record.

Kasey is the only country artist that I can remember Australians falling head over heals commercial-wise.

Kasey spoke about noone being attentive about her attributes. In an interview which I’m unable to locate now where she said she was on a bus in the Norfolk Islands which is far removed from the Australian continent and the bus driver who drove them about proclaimed himself to be the Captain and such was his impact on her psyche she thought – I’m gonna write about him. The rest is history.

Soon there after she wrote her first record The Captain which won the 1999 ARIA Music Award for Best Country Album. By the way if you haven’t heard the song – the Captain you are missing out! One of the songs released from that record is today’s song called ‘Cry Like a Baby‘. There is literally nothing about this on the net so I’ll let Kasey do the talking:

Well I never lived through the great depression
Sometimes I feel as though I did
And I don’t have answers for every single question
But that’s OK ‘cos I’m just a kid

Well I’ve seen pictures of my mother
When she looked exactly like me
And I’ve seen all my friends running for cover
Running from something they can’t see

I think what resonated so strongly with Australians is Kasey’s ability to write just what she felt without pretence. The honesty she evoked in her lyrics and demonstrated in her artistry as a singer-songwriter was a match made in heaven during this era in Australia including yours truly who saw her several times in concert. Everyone fell in love with Kasey and ‘Cry Like a Baby‘ was just another honest addition to her catalogue.

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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