Finding You (2005) – The Go-Betweens

This is the third song to appear here from this quintessential indie-Australian music group’s 2005 album Oceans Apart. Finding You is one of my favourite songs from this group. The video below has got just 25,000 views. Now compare that to the Robbie Williams or the ABBA video I recently posted, Finding You is untamed and unspoilt; like an Oasis in the Australian desert. I cherish this song. The worst part about this song is that it has to end!!

Finding You peaked at Number 17 on the Australian music charts. Robert Forster co-founder of The Go-Betweens in an interview described it a song he loved, “I really like the powerful build-up, it hits the line about lightning and then it’s like a crescendo. It’s written by Grant and he wrote it probably two years or something before he died, and I think it’s one of the best five to 10 songs he ever did. Magnificent song“. I couldn’t agree with Robert Forster more; Finding You is easily in my top 20 Australian songs.

What would you do if you turned around
And saw me beside you
Not in a dream but in a song?
Would you float like a phantom
Or would you sing along?

Don’t know where I’m going
Don’t know where it’s flowing
But I know it’s finding you

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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4 comments on “Finding You (2005) – The Go-Betweens
  1. I’m not very familiar with The Go-Betweens, but this is a nice song.

    • The Go-Betweens are scantily known even in Australia, but they have made a huge impact on the Australian music industry and peers alike. Their music features a lot in my blog. I would definitely recommend ‘Boundary Rider’ and ‘Cattle and Cain’ if you haven’t heard those two already. Thy have the quintessential Australian sound in my estimation. Thanks for commenting.

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