How Corrupt and Out-of Touch is the Western Media Right Now? (Special Edition Article)

I have alluded to this before in other articles, but I think the Major Press has reached a heightened level of reality fabrication. Let me indulge you…. Today, the big story for the upcoming Master’s golf tournament; the most prestigious of all golf tournaments (analogous with Wimbledon for Tennis) was about Tiger Woods possibly returning to play at the Masters despite his car crash in February 2021. They titled the article today as ‘Stuff of Sporting Legend‘. Now, I’m the last one to beleagre one of the greats of golf (with respect to his ‘game’), but this treatment by BBC is with the softest Velvet gloves to have ever been worn. It’s truly an amazing fabrication of reality.

In the article, there is nothing about Tiger’s personal actions, infidelity nor the fact he was driving two times over the speed limit in February last year that lead him to endanger the lives of others, not the least himself. No, nothing, zero..Just that he is a sporting legend and him even participating at this tournament is the stuff of legend…Micky Retford wrote in response to this piece of Sh&t article the following:

Woods was driving his car at almost twice the speed limit when he crashed. We hear nothing about that level of anti-social behaviour that seriously endangered the lives of others – all we get is how brave Tiger has recovered from nearly losing his leg. Spare me the sympathy and nauseating sycophancy from the closet that is The World of Golf.

You have to read the comments to get a slice of reality these days of what’s really happening. That’s scary…. Tiger, like Rory Mcilroy are the darlings of golf and BBC are their bitches (excuse the connotations associated with that).

And another comment of how the Press are so out of touch:

Making a comeback from a car crash that you inflicted on yourself (he was doing twice the speed limit) is not the achievement that you seem to think it is.’

Are there any reasons in the article about why Tiger Woods was out of the Sport so long? No, he just crashed his car and is possibly back. Let me put the following to you:

If Tiger was a white sportsperson celebrity who had achieved what he did and did what he did off the golf course; would he get the BBC velvet glove treatment over and over again. I assure you – Not! He is, in my opinion not admonished by the BBC because of his race. Such is the mass media narrative these days of supposed white-male priviledge and the histeria surrounding the tyranny of ‘patriarchy’, Tiger gets a free pass to get away with anything and not just that, be praised by all and sundry. I’m not dishing Tiger for all he has done for golf, but articles such as this are why the Oligrach media is held in such contempt by the public. They are a disgrace.

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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2 comments on “How Corrupt and Out-of Touch is the Western Media Right Now? (Special Edition Article)
  1. Well said, Matthew. And a tiger can’t change its spots (if it had spots).

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