Going Home (1983) – Mark Knopfler

This is one of my favourite tracks by Mark Knopfler, but it’s purely instrumental made for the above movie Local Hero, which is a really good movie by the way. I must revisit it and review on ‘Friday’s Finest‘. I think this track Going Home which ends the soundtrack is about one the most inspirational songs I’ve heard. It raises to a phenomenal Saxophone crescendo which always gives me goosebumps. I remember back in the early nineties my guitarist friend Malcolm telling me when we were listening to this song – ‘Listen to Knopflers guitar zinging when the Saxophone is prancing‘. That’s a good ear.

It was the debut soundtrack album from British singer-songwriter Knopfler released in 1983; another one I listened to frequently was his The Princess Bride. It’s staggering the plethora of music output from Knopfler in the 1980’s when you figure-in the enormous success of Dire Straits and his guest instrumentals for other artists. It was interesting to learn that today’s track Going Home is played before every home game of Newcastle United F.C., Knopfler’s local team.

After a string of major hits for Dire Straits, Knopfler sought our new challenges on the musical-scape including writing film music. After reviewing the Local Hero project, Knopfler accepted the job.
Rolling Stone magazine’s contemporary review called Knopfler’s film music debut an “insinuating LP of charming, cosmopolitan soundtrack music—a record that can make movies in your mind.“.

A lot more music will appear here from Mark Knopfler. You can read my article on Brothers in Arms which I wrote in April 2020.
Thank you for reading as always.

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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  1. A beautiful, uplifting instrumental.

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