25/04/22 – 1/05/22 War on the West, Farthest Galaxy & Invisible Universe

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Welcome to Monday’s News on the March – The week that was in my digital world.

Douglas Murray: The Gullable Right has Fallen for Putin
Video interview by UnHerd

I recommended this video to a few of you during the week. It’s been enlivening seeing Douglas Murray doing the podcast circuit in the last week discussing his new book – The War on the West – How to Prevail in the Age of Unreason. In this interview Freddie Sayers discusses the backlash against Western values with Douglas Murray.

When Douglas Murray was writing his new book The War on the West, Putin had not yet launched an actual war on the edge of Europe. Now, two months after the invasion of Ukraine, has the battle of ideas he writes about been put into perspective?
Freddie Sayers speaks to Douglas Murray about the factions of the Right who have been fooled by Putin’s ‘woke West’ propaganda and why the war in Ukraine is not the wake-up call we might have expected.
(View full interview here)

Farthest Galaxy Ever Found GN-z11 Just did Something Unbelievable
Video at Anton Petrov

Do yourself a favour and watch at least the first 30 seconds of this video. I was ‘starry-eyed’ being transported to the furtherst galaxy in our observable Universe. Those zooms to galaxies blow my mind every time.
Since our 13.8 billion-year old Universe is expanding the GN-z11 galaxy is now located so far away that it isn’t even measured in kilometres or light years, but what is known as ‘red-shift’ – ‘the natural shifting of all of the light as it travels across the Universe becoming slightly less energetic with time’. (Watch video here)
As I discussed in a previous News on the March piece and presented in the link below – The Invisible universe, the largest galaxy in our local galaxy group Andromeda is moving towards the Milky Way at 14 million kilometres a day and will collide in 4 billion years which is approximately 1 billion years prior to the predicted expiration of our Sun.

The Invisible Universe, from Supernova to Black holes with Matthew Bothwell
Presentation at The Royal Institution

Lets continue down the mysterious Universe path with this fascinating exploration of the marvels of cosmology. This is one of the few presentations which I find a bedrock of super information for the lay-person about the Universe. In fact I intend to fall asleep listening to this video again tonight; not to take anything away from its rousing content, on the contrary.
From 15:00 minutes in this video Matthew Bothwell shows an excellent simulation of the collision between our Galaxy (The Milky Way) and Adromeda.

Since the dawn of our species, people all over the world have gazed in awe at the night sky. But we can only see a tiny fraction of the Universe. Join Matthew Bothwell as he asks what the cosmos has in store for us beyond the phenomena we can see, from black holes to supernovas? And how different does the invisible Universe look from the home we thought we knew? Matthew Bothwell is an astronomer and science communicator based at the Institute of Astronomy and the Kavli Institute for Cosmology at the University of Cambridge.   (Watch entire presentation here)

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“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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