Go Wild (2019) – Friedberg

The reason I didn’t buy a second game controller for my computer is because my son and I would consume all our time playing FIFA 20 against each other. BBC just reported here that EA Sports will stop making FIFA titles. Today’s song is the second to come from the FIFA 20 soundtrack and I was in love at first listen. It’s sexy as hell and don’t mention Anna Friedberg the Austrian singer-songwriter playing tambourine in the bath. Wowee!

Pull’n up love
Full enough’s my deaf heart
Gotta be in style
You gotta go wild

Chewing up love
Oh howling inside
Like a pink leopard
You gotta go wild

Anna supported Lenny Kravitz on his tour a decade ago and achieved two gold selling solo albums. Anna was only supposed to do one show for Kravitz, but he asked her to support him for the rest of his European tour. It’s hard to blame him really. She stated: ‘It was a logistic nightmare since we had to organize everything within 2 days – a tour bus, hotels etc. including raising money for the whole trip, since of course I had to pay for everything myself’

Her new band Friedberg was formed in London.. ‘I met some really great people in the music industry who introduced me to some wonderful musicians who eventually happened to become my new band – my first all-girl bandI just knew from our first rehearsal that we have a very unique and great energy together, that just gives us all such a good feeling on stage and feels incredibly powerful‘.

And looking to the future Anna stated: ‘If I ever had a vision, it’s me with 60, alone on stage playing super dark and melancholic songs with my guitar. So yeah there might be! But you’ll have to wait for a bit‘.

She began singing in childhood, and cites the first records of her parents including Bob Dylan, Alanis Morissette and Joan Baez. That’s good musical pedigree right there.

1. Cryptic Rock – Your Entertainment Odyssey – Anna Friedberg of Friedberg

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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