Hay Poder – Generacion 12

This song ‘Hay Poder’ (There is Power) was written by Generation 12 from the International Charismatic Mission Church in Bogota. Even after reading their web site, I was unable to ascertain what the ‘MCI’ logo meant. Thank God for wikipedia which can enlighten us ol’ fogies what MCI stands for and relieve one from paranoid thinking about Intelligence agencies and such.

Charismatic churches aren’t my cup of tea in the religious fellowship sense, especially these days or even in the days I was part of one; but they can produce good music, which I believe they have done here.

Soy redimido, y mis pecados tu llevaste (I am redeemed, and my sins you bore)
En esa cruz (on that cross
Hoy nos postramos, ante el cordero
(Today we prostrate, before the lamb)
Que nos salvó, nos santificó
(That we were saved and sanctified us)

In 2016, the attendance at MCI was estimated in 25,000 people and it’s considered a Christian cult (according to wikipedia). Should I be relaying this song? It seems a bit like pyramid-selling and who would have thought that coming from here, Colombia?
It’s written, ‘Every member is encouraged to become a cell group leader and have 12 disciples just as Jesus did‘.

A true story… when I was first appointed in my profession years ago I was enticed by a senior person who happened to be an ‘Amway‘ member to join the Amway pyramid scheme. I even went to central Melbourne for dinner and got given the Amway product-market speech from someone up-higher on the chain than him. I think I still had to pay for my dinner.

I hope that doesn’t all detract from enjoying today’s featured track. It’s a pretty good song! y’all! Don’t throw out the baby with the Amway magazines, just yet.

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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