18/07 – 24/07/22 – Lynyrd Skynyrd, Supernova Explosion & How Black Lives Truly Matter

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Welcome to Monday’s News on the March – The week that was in my digital world.

Turn It Up! My years with Lynyrd Skynyrd…by Ron Eckerman
Blog article by Max at PowerPop

Good Blogger friend Max recently informed me he is taking a well deserved month long break from his blog to tend to work and home projects after posting 1,112 straight days! Regarding today’s featured article I commented it was one of the best I’ve read by a professional or amateur aficionado of music. It had everything. I feel fortunate to have read it.

This is not an autobiography of the band… it is an account of their mid to late-70s tours. The book was written by an insider (the road manager) book from 1974 to the 1977 plane crash. Lynyrd Skynyrd was a wild bunch who was ruled by lead singer Ronnie Van Zant with an iron fist. It was partly about babysitting a bunch of up-and-coming rock stars and yes…very entertaining. These guys learned from the best… they had opened for The Who on the Quadrophenia tour in 1973. Keith Moon showed them the path to destruction in hotels across the globe. They took it to a new level though…not only fighting with people who annoyed them…they fought each other. Contrary to popular belief…most of them were well-read and intelligent men but with a wild side. (Read entire blog article here)

What Causes A Supernova Explosion?
Video presentation at Dr Brian Keating

A supernova is the second biggest bang in the universe, after the Big Bang. These objects are visible across billions of light-years and have been observed by humans for hundreds of years. This video explains the different types of supernovas and how they’re used to measure everything from the origin of iron in your blood, to the age, expansion rate, and acceleration of the universe.

Along the way, I explain the different types of supernovas and how we use them to determine the relationship between an object’s distance and its redshift, and eventually to measure the Hubble constant and the acceleration of the Universe, resulting in the Nobel Prize to past guests Adam Riess and Brian Schmidt (and hopefully to Saul Perlmutter someday too!) (View video presentation here)

How Black Lives Truly Matter – Magatte Wade and Dr Jordan B Peterson
Video interview at Jordan P Peterson

I had originally dedicated a Stop the Press article to this magnificent interview, but decided to move it here to News on the March. I couldn’t recommend this more highly.

Magatte Wade is a serial entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and visionary business leader with a passion for creating positive change in Africa. She is the founder and CEO of SkinIsSkin.com, “the lip balm with a mission,” and is dedicated to reducing racial discrimination while creating jobs and prosperity in her home country of Senegal.

Magatte joins Dr Peterson to discuss her emigration from the third world, and how this influenced her unmitigated belief in capitalism and the free market. (View video interview here)

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“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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  1. Badfinger (Max) says:

    I’m cheating a bit! But I want to say thanks for the link Matt.

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