Should We Assume The Simulation Has Already Been Created? Joe Rogan – Nick Bostrom

This is an extemporaneous post from me, but I felt the subject matter or to be more specific ‘this video‘ worth exploring. I have written about Nick Bostrom’s Simulation Argument before, but to watch Joe Rogan above try to derail it or better-put ‘not ingrain it‘ is one for the ages and funny as hell.
Lets do a quick-refresher of Nick’s argument which I published in the above article:

(One of the following statements is true) :
1. No one civilisation in the whole universe is able to attain the technological ability to realize a simulation of conscious forms or they become extinct in the meantime,
2. A civilisation has the technological capacity to build simulations of conscious entities, but decide not to implement the simulation for whatever reason (perhaps for idealogical, ethical, moral or legal reasons) or they simply lose interest.
3. We are part of a ancestral simulation of a technologically advanced culture.

First off, I admire Joe Rogan for all he has achieved and continues to do so in allowing voices to project opinions that otherwise would never have been heard / permitted in Mainstream media space. He has been instrumental in advocating free speech and expression, when at the same time many of his guests have been suppressed, demonetized or cancelled by the major IT Corporations. He has courage and guts, but……noone is perfect as seen in this video. And Rogan himself has humbly admitted on many occasions he’s a dumb-f&/ker or words to that effect.

The above video ‘Should We Assume The Simulation Has Already Been Created?‘ is a stellar example of the following (verbatim as I commented upon hearing):

When an interviewer doesn’t read about his interviewee and his argument well enough before the interview and also when the interviewee can’t explain effectively his argument in layman terms.

Now, if you want to read some of the most chucklesome comments you’ll ever read in response to a video, I point you to the comments section in the video.
I wrote further:

All Bostrom had to say until Rogen could understand it – ‘If our current humanity could arrive at the point of making a simulation of conscious beings, then what is the likelihood that we ourselves are the first to do this and in base reality? Almost zero as Bostrom was trying to argue...That’s all Bostrom had to repeat to Rogan until he got it’.

Watching these two distinct minds in the video, escape each others grasp and capacity of understanding is indeed one for the ages. Good luck finding that in the sh&t that is Mainstream.

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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2 comments on “Should We Assume The Simulation Has Already Been Created? Joe Rogan – Nick Bostrom
  1. I’ve been there before – and you were there but I was someone else.

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