High (2004) – James Blunt

High is the third song from James to feature here at the Music Library Project, but the first from his mega-huge hit album Back to Bedlam. What entails the ‘Music Library Project’?
Amazingly this song received a mixed reception from music critics and failed to make an impact upon release in the UK. It was re-released a year later after the release of his second single You’re Beautiful and killed it becoming a top 20 hit worldwide. Suffer in your jocks critics!

Beautiful dawn
Lights up the shore for me
There is nothing else in the world
I’d rather wake up and see with you

Beautiful dawn
I’m just chasing time again
Thought I would die a lonely man
In endless night

But now I’m high
Running wild among all the stars above
Sometimes it’s hard to believe you remember me

James Blunt was an ex military office like yours truly, only successful. Not only could he lead an Army unit, but sing a wicked ballad and attain international stardom. He’s only sold over 20 million albums. I’m not envious in the little bit. I am still his senior by 37 days so naturally he would have to look up to me, despite his having enough money to feed a small country.

During Blunt’s Kosovo assignment, he had brought along his guitar strapped to the outside of his tank and would sometimes perform for locals and troops. It was while on duty there that he wrote the song No Bravery. Blunt extended his military service in November 2000, and was posted to the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment in London, as a member of the Queen’s Guard.

During the recording of Back to Bedlam he lodged with Carrie Fisher, (Luke Skywalker’s sister and ‘your Highness‘). Fisher contributed in naming the album, and Blunt recorded the song Goodbye My Lover in her bathroom.

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“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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2 comments on “High (2004) – James Blunt
  1. I have always loved James Blunt’s music. This album-masterpiece pulled me through the worst of my late teenage years. His lyrics are always so meaningful, there is both subtlety and emotion. What other artist achieved that combination?

    • Hi Diana, I thought I’d already responded to this. I agree, it is a fantastic album. I played it so often when it came out. Thanks for describing your profound connection to it.

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