It’s All in the Way (2002) – My Friend the Chocolate Cake

When I lived in Melbourne, I wanted to see Australian Aboriginal singer – songwriter Archie Roach in concert. We secured tickets and learnt that Archie Roach would be joined by David Bridie whose music has featured here often. I hadn’t heard of Bridie until seeing him that night with Archie, but Bridie opened the concert with his song ‘More Heart than Me‘. Upon hearing the distinctive piano introduction and his opening words ‘She comes every morning at least three times‘, I looked at my partner gobsmacked and asked, ‘Who the F&ck is this guy‘!? We were both in music-heaven right there.

It’s all in the way you carry yourself
Ever so slightly you lean to one side
Each moment moves slowly, the colours more defined
And I don’t want it to change
It’s all in the way you glide when you’re walking
Your feet slide in motion, and don’t touch the ground

And it’s all in the way that you’re mine
Yeah, it’s all in the way that you’re mine

People talk of a post-World War II golden age, and I’ll give you just a smidgeon of just how good it got. A few weeks after seeing Bridie and Roach in concert we received in the mail the CD ‘Curious‘ (see image inset top-left) from Bridie and his band ‘My Friend the Chocolate Cake‘ as a thank you gift for seeing him concert. Do you believe that? Well, it’s true. And I still have the CD. I played that thing to death. Do you know why? Not because it was a gift; as lovely as that was to receive, but because it contains some of the best eclectic music I have ever heard. Today’s featured song ‘It’s all in the Way‘ opens the album and like the rest of the music on that record is sublime.

My Mum called me from Australia last night and told me that Archie Roach had passed away and I immediately fell into a deep pit. I’m still trying to stomach that news. He actually passed away a few months ago and I was just learning about it. It should have been front headline news on Australian media. I grew up listening to his records which were produced by David Bridie. After seeing Bridie with Roach in concert I became a bit of a band groupie of the Cake and Bridie and watched them live all over the place and got the pleasure to talk to them on occasion.
So, without further to do, here is My Friend the Chocolate Cake‘s It’s All in the Way.

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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3 comments on “It’s All in the Way (2002) – My Friend the Chocolate Cake
  1. The video you embedded was not available to me, so I looked it up on YouTube and found another to listen to. Such a lovely, heartfelt song.

    • That’s unfortunate the video was unavailable in your region, but I’m glad you found another audio. I have posted a lot of songs from Bridie and the Cake and you are one of the very few who has commented on them. There are too many great songs to mention but give ‘A Midlife’s tale’ a try if you can view it. I’ll post it below. It means a lot that you liked ‘It’s All in the Way’. Thank you Jeff.

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