Just Can’t Get Enough (1981) – Depeche Mode

Just Can’t get Enough is one of the first Electronic Pop music songs I remember hearing. The minute you hear that iconic beginning you are immediately transported back to the sweet sounds of the 80’s. Still sounds fantastic after 40 years. Depeche Mode were formed in Basildon, England in 1980 when Dave Gahan (lead vocals) was recruited to join Vince Clarke (keyboards), Andy Fletcher (keyboards), and Martin Gore (keyboards, guitar, vocals). The punk scene was winding down and London club kids were looking for music they could dance to that was less aggressive. Depeche Mode fit the bill perfectly, and would soon be seen to be leading the charge for electronic music.

When I’m with you baby
I go out of my head
And I just can’t get enough
And I just can’t get enough
All the things you do to me
And everything you said
I just can’t get enough
I just can’t get enough

We slip and slide as we fall in love
And I just can’t seem to get enough of

Just Can’t Get Enough was recorded during sessions for their debut album Speak & Spell. This happened in the summer of 1981 at Blackwing Studios, housed inside a deconsecrated church in South-East London which had been partly destroyed during The Blitz in 1941. Vocalist Dave Gahan their early days as a band:”That’s the only album (Speak & Spell) where the songs had already been performed for a year and a half beforehand, and we went into the studio and recorded them as we would live.

Vince Clarke was the main songwriter of the band, and he had just turned 20 when he wrote Just Can’t Get Enough. It was a new song for the album session and had been inspired by To Cut a Long Story Short by Spandau Ballet, which was released in 1980. This is pop music in every sense, both lyrically and musically. Things are not meant to be deep or serious all the time, but that does not make them any less sincere. The plea is genuine, but playful.

Just Can’t Get Enough was the synth-pop band’s third single but their first hit, hitting #8 in the UK charts. It did well elsewhere too, making top 20 in Belgium, Ireland, Spain, and Sweden. It went all the way to #4 in Australia!

1. The Story Behind the Song: «Just Can’t Get Enough» by Depeche Mode

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