Kerosene (2000) – David Bridie

The music by Australia singer – songwriter David Bridie features here more than any other Australian artist. I consider him one of the most underrated artists I have been fortunate to listen to and see live. He is founding member of the bands Not Drowning Waving and My Friend the Chocolate Cake and during his solo career he has issued five studio albums and worked on soundtracks for Australian films and television. Today’s song Kerosene comes from his first solo album released in 2001 – Act of Free Choice. I wrote an article about another song from the same album Breath.

Wind comes up through the trees
First time softly cleansing breeze
Second time angry I’ll at ease, I’ll at ease
All ablaze in the western sky
One spark, cruel wind, open fire
Here comes arson with it’s violent desire
Kerosene, Kerosene

In the wild west bible story
The devil-like fire comes bathed in glory
Hot wind flush again my skin
Brings back thoughts of wandering
Back from where I first began, back then
Kerosene, Kerosene

Act of Free Choice was greeted with critical praise. The album’s title refers to the Indonesian Act of Free Choice (1969), which was supported by a plebiscite on the incorporation of Western New Guinea into Indonesia. Bridie’s Act of Free Choice reached the top 40 on the ARIA Albums Chart. I prefer his 2003 album Hotel Radio, but I like the moody atmospherics of Act of Free Choice such as what today’s song Kerosene summons.

1. David Bridie – Wikipedia

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