Little Jeannie (1980) – Elton John

Elton John – Little Jeannie (Central Park, NYC 1980)

There are songs by Elton which have an American music vibe coursing through them despite Elton’s steeped English heritage and upbringing. Today’s song Little Jeannie is one such example and Philadelphia Freedom, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart and Tiny Dancer are three others. In the latter, Elton even projects an American twang in his voice.

I have always been fond of Little Jeannie because it seems a stylistic song locked in a time capsule. It’s a soft and mellow track from Elton which doesn’t grow old to my ears and always transports me back to my formative years and good times with family.

[Verse 1]
Oh, little Jeannie
You got so much love, little Jeannie
And you take it where it strikes
And give it to the likes of me
Oh, little Jeannie
You got so much love, little Jeannie
So I see you when I can
You make me all a man can be

And I want you to be my acrobat
I want you to be my lover
Oh, there were others who would treat you cruel
And oh, Jeannie, you were always someone’s fool

Little Jeannie is a song written by Elton John and Gary Osborne and released as a single in 1980 from John’s album 21 at 33. It reached number three on the Billboard pop chart in the United States, becoming the singer’s biggest U.S. hit since 1976’s aforementioned Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (a duet with singer Kiki Dee). Despite its impressive performance in the US charts, Elton John has rarely performed Little Jeannie live, doing so only on his 1980 tour and during 2000’s One Night Only concerts.

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2 comments on “Little Jeannie (1980) – Elton John
  1. Always found Elton John’s music timeless! Fresh, a pleasure to listen to!

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