Bluebird (2011) – Christina Perri

Bluebird is another song from my favourite female contemporary music artist Christina Perri. She is in my opinion the most underrated singer – songwriter of modern times. For example, I sent the lyrics from the song ”People Like You‘ to a friend whose opinion I regard highly, and I asked them, ‘Who do you think wrote this song‘? They responded – ‘Leonard Cohen‘.

No… this 30 something year-old American Christina Perri wrote that song. Or listen to Perri sing The Lonely which has Cohen talent all over it and feels for the experience a Classical musical number. Her last album ‘Lighter Shade of Blue‘ is one of the greatest ballad albums I’ve ever heard and no one listens to it. Today’s featured track ‘Bluebird‘ is from Perri’s debut studio album Lovestrong and it seems a precursor of themes she would explore on Lighter Shade of Blue. The lyrics of Bluebird are exemplary.


How the hell does a broken heart
Get back together when it’s torn apart
Teach itself to start
Beating again ba-ba-ba-ba

[Verse 1]
This little blue bird
Came looking for you
I said that I hadn’t seen you
In quite some time
This little blue bird
She came looking again
I said we weren’t even friends
She could have you

Don’t you think it was hard?
I didn’t even say that you died
But it wouldn’t have been such a lie
Cause then I started to cry

Perri recorded the album Lovestrong in 33 days in two studios located on the same property, both running at the same time. She described the process as “the best 33 days of my life and it was the worst 33 days of my lifeI was running from studio one to studio three and I was running back and forth doing the vocals, the piano, the guitar, the harmonies, and the doubles.”

Perri stated that she was “ripping [her] stitches” to ensure that a certain song was sung with the right emotions, later adding that it took such an emotional toll on her that she would be driving home later that night crying at two in the morning, forcing herself to pull over and drink a milkshake…. Perri chose the songs on the album from a list of songs she had written since she was fifteen years old.

1. Lovestrong – Wikipedia

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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    Sounds great Matt

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