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Special Blog Report – The Phenomenon of ‘Mass – Formation’ as precursor to Totalitarianism

Late yesterday afternoon, I found myself well and truly engaged in the above interview with Clinical Psychiatrist Mattias Desmet from Ghent University in Belgium. I have never recorded so many notes for my Ankidroid application which I will relay below.

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The Kookaburra Moment Part III (Final)

This Wednesday’s literature extract resumes from Part 2: I realise that all things good about myself are not in me but others close to me.  After a while Susan wandered over.She opened the door and wiped a tear from my

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The Kookaburra Moment Part II

This Wednesday’s literature extract resumes from where Part 1 left us: Susan and I peered from inside, praying the kookaburra didn’t fly away. I looked at Susan as she smeared her hand across her mouth in a vain attempt to

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The Kookaburra Moment Part 1

Susan loved eating fresh barbecued fish, but the thought of having bones wedged down my throat meant I couldn’t last the meal. But I delighted in watching Susan munching the tailor flesh like a primeval woman at the mouth of

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Learning a Second Language and AnkiDroid

If I remember rightly the three principal components I highlighted as integral to learning a second language were as follows: Establishing Key relationship connections in the second language Receiving sufficient comprehensible input, and Immersing oneself into the culture and creating

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‘We require more Mindfulness and Discipline’ – Daniel Schmachtenber

Don’t skip this post or you will miss a great Poem. I wrote in a previous post that my favourite philosophical debate was Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson arguing ‘What is True’. Since its release it has become widely recognised

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The Hugh Jackman Interview on the Tim Ferriss podcast

Yesterday morning I was trying to spice things up a bit by changing my morning routine. We are in strict quarantine here in Bogotá, Colombia, and my sector will be in it until the 18th of January. We have been

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7/12 – 13/12/20 incl. Vaccines, Typewriters and the Past

Welcome to Monday’s News on the March – The week that was in my digital world. Bret and Heather 58th DarkHorse Podcast Livestream: A Vaccine Like No Other Video podcast at Bret Weinstein: The DarkHorse podcast remains one of the

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Darkhorse Podcast 41 – The price to be paid for not raising a Fist

If you don’t raise your arm and fist at a US restaurant in support of BLM this is what could happen: Discussing politics wasn’t part of my aim when I set up this blog. I even wrote how I would

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The Last Words – “Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.”

The Last Words Every new day, every passing minute presents another chance to turn it all around. As Nirvair Singh Khalsa said ‘it’s not the life you lead, but the courage you bring to it’. The individual is supreme. The

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