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Blue Jasmine (2013) – Woody Allen (Friday’s Finest)

This is Woody Allen at the top of his A-game in terms of writing and directing. I’d be embarrassed to mention how many times I have seen this movie and even if it popped on now I would lay down

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Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) – Woody Allen

Since I saw Woody Allen’s exquisite Blue Jasmine, I have churned through his movie biography. This afternoon I  saw ‘Hannah and her Sisters’ which has been claimed by many as Woody Allen’s Magnum Opus. I thought it was extremely well

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Interesting Reactions to the ‘The Oscars Has Lost all Respectability’ Post

I forwarded my previous post ‘The Oscars has lost all ounce of respectability as a serious contest‘ to all the relevant movie discussion boards on Internet Movie Database. I was curious to know what the opinions of others were about

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