Making The First Step – Dylanholics Anonymous

This-is-Bob-Dylan-with-my-wig--113663Observation Blogger (OB) – Hi, my name is Observation Blogger.

Dylanholic Anonymous (DA) – Hi Observation Blogger (everyone)

OB – Hey, I am a Dylanholic.

DA – Glad you have come to join us today Observation Blogger.

OB – Gee thanks. Well I have been addicted to Bob Dylan music going on 30 years…..sorry this is harder than I thought…(nervous coughing)

DA – That’s ok.

OB – Well, umm I have been Dylan sober for more than 24 hours.

DA – (Applause)

OB – I always feel the urge to turn my ‘Google play’ on when I’m riding the bus. Ya know when you want to tune into Dylan while in crowded, uncomfortable surroundings. Sometimes it gets too much and I want to hear something like Covenant Woman for the 100th time….(weeps)

DA – At least you have made the first step.

OB – I didn’t feel I had any place to turn.

DA – Yes…(awww)

OB – I knew I had a problem when I listened to DITG (Down in the Groove) and started to dig it. Ya know… this hard. (brushing tears away)

Why, oh why did he choose me? (slams hand on lectern)

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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7 comments on “Making The First Step – Dylanholics Anonymous
  1. ileneonwords says:

    Want to order some old Dylan on vinyl soon. Just ordered the latest Roseann Cash on vinyl, it got excellent reviews.

  2. I have 22 or is it 24 still sealed Dylan LPs, but Mums got them in Australia. Nothing better than Bob on vinyl. I’ll have to check out Roseann Cash’s music. Thanks for dropping by Ilene. Have a lovely day!

  3. I forgot to ask which Dylan on vinyl were you planning to buy?

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