5 Reasons Bob Dylan is a God

Bob Dylan Hood
This article 5 reasons Bob Dylan is a god from the Tampa Bay Times was a fun read especially the following section:

5. The truth

The Dylan I’ve always loved is exactly like the one encountered by a 24-year-old cop in New Jersey a few years ago.

Neighbors in the suburb of Long Branch had called the police after seeing a disheveled elderly gentleman peering into a vacant home for sale on a rainy afternoon.

When Officer Kristie Buble stopped the man and asked him what he was doing, Dylan said he was interested in buying a home. He told Buble his name and said he was playing a concert later that night if she would like tickets.

The officer knew the name, but she figured the old guy was a few chords short of a melody. She put him in her cruiser and offered to drive him to his nearby hotel, thinking they would more likely end up at the psych ward of a hospital.

“He talked a lot,” Buble later told Esquire magazine. “And I wasn’t even paying attention to some of the things he was saying because in my head I was wondering, ‘What am I going to tell the hospital, what am I going to tell my supervisor?’ He’s just blabbering in the back.

“When you encounter someone as famous as him, you expect him to be pompous: ‘This is who I am, don’t do this, don’t you know who I am?’ It was nothing like that, nothing at all. He was modest and calm and chill. … He was nicer than 95 percent of the people I deal with every day.”

You can read about the full encounter below:

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“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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2 comments on “5 Reasons Bob Dylan is a God
  1. simon682 says:

    After fifty years of admiring him I haven’t found a reason yet to stop doing so.

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