Now the Dust has Settled – The Maga Catholic School Controversy

When this broke I ignored it wondering how it was even considered news. But the event caused such a grand commotion online I felt compelled to dig a little deeper. I am still perplexed how it was perceived in the mainstream media and in threads all over social media. Now the dust has settled ‘a little’ and we understand a lot more about what actually happened based on the longer unedited videos which surfaced; the instant emotional responses as expressed in many media articles and comments online did not in any way represent the truth. People made this into an identitarian-morality play. They placed all of their anger and vitriol on the face of a 16 year old kid. One comment I just read on this blogger’s page is just a small example of where people took this:

They’re lucky he didn’t snap and go back to his days in the Nam, cracking their spindly high school heads. What a disgrace those boys showed

Also here are 100+ verified Twitter users inciting harassment and violence towards the MAGA kid.

The 16 year old is just a kid with a red trump supporter hat on. Reactions like these are totally illogical and asinine. Did smirking at an elderly native American deserve to be news? I am not even sure he was smirking as much as just standing proudly and smiling in front of the Native American gentlemen. This was covered as bigger news than day 31 of the Government shutdown and people waiting on breadlines etc. That is more disturbing than anything that occurred at this event.
People must insist on truth and facts and not on holding people accountable based on their blinkered ideological thinking. This is a microscopic example of what is happening on the authoritarian-left these days and it’s genuinely scary.
The Joe Rogan video with Bari Weiss podcast unpacks all of this. Also Jimmy Dore did pretty well here as well if you want someone on the left who can be honest.

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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