Adorándote (Soluciones Live) – Marcela Gandara & Zaira Johnson

Marcela Gandara 1

A few months ago I just had lunch with a friend and I was on my way back home and this song Adorandote (Worshiping You) popped up on my playlist. I had never heard it before although I recognized the voice of one of the singers. I listened to the song on repeat for the remainder of my trip home. I was besotted with it and I still am.

The song features Mexican christian singer Marcela Gandara. This music project houses lots of wonderful music from Marcela. I was enchanted with her music from first hearing. I was in a fragrance shop a few years back looking for my favourite cologne ‘Joop’ and I heard over the shop’s speakers the song Pensaba en ti (Thought of You) by Marcela. I asked the shop assistant if she knew of the song and artist and sure enough she did and later that day I listened with great adoration to 1 hour of Marcela Gandara on you tube. Soon thereafter I added a lot of her music to my collection. I have a real penchant for Christian music and I will expand on why that is on an another occasion.

Your words are so sweet
Sweeter than honey
I want to hear your words
Keep them in my heart
and contemplate your gaze
Enrapture me with your love
And be in the place where I can breathe your presence
and stay, nothing else
I go after your heart
Loving You
Looking for you

– A loose English translation of an excerpt from Adorandote (Worshiping You)

According to the Soluciones Juveniles:
Soluciones Live is a Christian project that brings together some of the coolest voices of worship in Latin America.
Each song gathers the intimate and intense moments that are lived in our conventions where thousands of souls connect in adoration to the Father.

This album is a sample of the sound of this generation, a particular sound that expresses a passionate desire for the presence of God and causes us to have a real encounter with Him.

This video was recorded at Beacon Hill Recording Studios in El Paso, TX.

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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18 comments on “Adorándote (Soluciones Live) – Marcela Gandara & Zaira Johnson
  1. badfinger20 says:

    Even not knowing the language…I can tell it is spiritual music. That means she is getting her message across well.

  2. badfinger20 says:

    I like Christian music… It’s so different than any other music.
    When I am at Church it’s one of the things I really enjoy.

  3. badfinger20 says:

    Well, most Sundays when I don’t answer quickly that is where I’m at… We do acapella…and it feels like one person. It can be moving.
    The passion is obvious because they really believe in what they are doing…and the motivation is not money…it’s their feeling they are pouring out. I do agree the melodies are different…When I heard this I knew right away.

  4. Ah ok I’m unfamiliar with Acapella. What’s that?

  5. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Well, I liked it too, Matthew. The melody is beautiful, their voices are beautiful. I don’t have much experience with Christian music, but I’ve always loved Ave Maria, for one thing, even though that’s probably more Catholic, but of course Catholicism is a denomination of Christianity, and like in popular music I liked a lot of Snow Patrol, like their song Run.
    There is a sweetness to it all and it’s interesting that the passion that would generally be reserved for a lover or human relationship involves the much bigger, more expansive kind of transforming emotion.

    • I’m relieved someone found it beautiful lol. I live in a predominantly Catholic country and I get your Ave Maria loving lol. I even downloaded that Snow patrol song you mentioned to the library since the chorus perplexed me. I need to hear it all again and again. Oh by the way, I listened to that ‘hours’ soundtrack today and it was quite the something. It reminded me of the Phantom Thread’s soundtrack but a bit louder on the piano. Very nice.

  6. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Ooh! Nice. You really jumped on it, lol. That’s the best way to do it, of course, otherwise you’ll get buried alive by the avalanche of blogs and information and things you said you’d do–not you, the Royal you–or more specifically me. I’m talking about myself….gaaaaah! Do you have any special method for reading the blogs you follow and keeping up with them? This is all new to me. I only started acquiring readers recently and following others too, and, man, they pile up fast, and I can’t keep up with anything except in random spurts.
    But I digress.
    So glad you liked The Hours, that haunting music. Now, see, I need to look up the Phantom Thread you speak of and see what THAT’S all about……. arrrghhhhhh !!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • I find it difficult to read all the blogs I’m following. Not that I am following that many, but I like to give them my full attention and often I get sidetracked going between them in the WP Reader. That interface isn’t very good as it takes so much time to load and often when you open a post, it’s not the one you intended viewing.
      The majority of people who follow my blog are ‘spammers’. ie they follow me not because they ‘like’ my content, but because they expect a ‘follow-back’. How do I know? Well they don’t ‘like’ a post. They just follow me straight out the gate. So I will open up their blog to see if it’s worth following and more often than not it isn’t. So I prefer to follow fewer blogs whose content I find genuinely engaging.

  7. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen those too, a stranger who suddenly *follows* out of the blue, and it turns out to be some company that does printing or something. A few times it’s been actual bloggers but without them “liking” something, you do wonder what got their attention. Yeah, then you go in and try to find out about this person….and it’s all so time-consuming! Definitely spend a LOT of time doing this when I should be writing. I’ll smooth out the process and make it better….in the meantime I do learn a lot of things from people and the interaction is often very rewarding.

    • I hardly get any new followers so it’s never been more than just a slight nuisance. WordPress reader is another story. But like you I am grateful I can read engaging posts and contribute to their discussions. You mentioned you wished you were writing. Are you onto your third book now? Will it be a trilogy? I wish my kindle hadn’t broken. When does the second one come out? Will there be a special two for one discount (paperback) when it hits Amazon? I feel fortunate to be having these enlightening conversations with an actual published fiction-writer. You’re living the dream as they say. And the $64000 dollar question, how do you think up all this stuff? You must have quite the imagination.

  8. selizabryangmailcom says:

    I’m listening to House of Woodcock as I write this. Omg….I can’t believe I missed this Daniel Day Lewis film, because he’s one of my favorites, and that movie looks very sumptuous and layered. It’s reminding me of Remains of the Day, which we’ve spoken of before, but it looks like a lot more is going on here with regards to textures and colors, since it revolves around fabric and dress-making, I gather. BUT….the main protagonist still seems as emotionally halted and reserved as Anthony Hopkins’ character in Remains.
    I think I’m going to have a new favorite soundtrack to listen to. Thanks, Matthew!

    In regards to writing, yeah, there’s more coming. There WERE going to be three more, but now I kinda wanna just finish them up with two and get out. I’ve enjoyed writing the first two so far but I think I need to pursue something a little more serious before I die, lol. I’m not sure when the second one’s coming out; there seems to be some kind of issue with the publisher, so delays, delays, delays, and as I said, I ain’t getting any younger. It’s my fault, though. I really should have begun this endeavor at LEAST 10, 15 years ago or more. Better late than never, as they say? Thank you for being so enthusiastic! I think I have an acceptable imagination, but really, my husband is an endless font of ideas. I’m actually very jealous of him. My imagination often just….sort of…peters out….. while he’ll get up sometimes in the morning and say, “I just had the weirdest dream,” and then proceed to tell me a story that could be made into a movie. I kid you not !!!

    • Darn, you are so perceptive. Yes the Phantom Thread is very reminiscent of / comparable to Remains of the Day. I’m sure Paul Thomas Anderson was also saluting Ingmar Bergman in this movie. It’s a gorgeous film that gets better with repeated viewings – like Remains. It’s all the more poignant because it’s Daniel’s last movie as an actor.
      I wrote a short post below about one particular scene in the film:
      One day I’ll write a review of the film, because I adore it so.
      Your contemplation about life as an author is fascinating. Thanks for divulging allof that and to have a partner so integral and helpful in the process must be encouraging. I envy people who have the wildest imaginations and turn it into great storytelling like fellow blogger Bruce at Weave The Web. What do you have in mind regarding pursuing something more serious? I’m sorry to hear about those frustrations with the publisher. That’s a shame. I can’t wait to read them one day!

  9. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Ah….I liked that scene! I always love the non-verbal staring stuff that goes on during really intense moments between characters on screen–much more powerful than anything they could say, and you say as much in your short review, which I agree with wholeheartedly. Thanks! Now I’m remembering why I didn’t rush out to go see this, immaturely and in ridiculous denial, of course–because it WAS Daniel’s last movie. Daniel, Daniel, why, why, why, lol !!
    Anyway, I can’t wait to see it. There Will Be Blood, of course, is one of my top ten.
    As far as imagination goes…I think anyone (you) who is so passionate about reading, movies, ideas and learning in general can’t help but have a vast, sprawling imagination of their own. After all, you don’t ingest all that stuff and have it just sit there rotting: don’t you think there’s a kind of metamorphosis into something else in the realm of ideas, creativity and unique thought? 🙂

    • ‘The non-verbal staring stuff’ lol. That’s pretty much it. I love it too. Yes, it’s sad he has departed from acting. Obviously it took a lot out of him. I don’t think he liked the publicity (tours etc) associated with it. Also he’s a very talented boot-maker if I remember rightly. ‘There will be Blood’ is also in my top 20 and probably one of my 5 favourite performances. I think his more nuanced performance in Phantom Thread is just as good. He was magnificent as Lincoln too!
      I don’t have a sprawling imagination. I have a sprawling nostalgia haha, hence my blog, so it won’t just rot.

  10. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Yeah, I have sprawling nostalgia too, hahahaha! More than anything else. Perfect description!
    I’m totally into the soundtrack for Phantom Thread. I love it! I can’t believe I missed it for so long. Thank you ! ! !

  11. It’s one heck of a movie Stace. I often wonder if our nostalgia is as much of a hindrance as it is a positive aspect about ourselves.

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