Afterglow (2006) – INXS


INXS with J.D Fortune (right)

INXS were an Australian rock band fronted by the dynamic lead singer and main lyricist Mitchael Hutchence. They achieved international success from the mid to late 80s and early 90s with records like Listen Like Thieves, Kick and X selling an estimated 60 million records worldwide.

My favourite song of theirs for what its worth is What You Need. I remember the tabloids were all over Hutchence and Kylie Minogue when they dated. He had a string of love affairs with prominent actresses and models until he was found deceased in his Sydney apartment which the coroner determined suicide by hanging.

Following Hutchence’s death in 1997 INXS made appearances with several guest singers until turning to a Reality TV show Rock Star: INXS in 2005 which culminated in the selection of Canadian J.D. Fortune as their new lead singer.  He sang today’s next music library selection: Afterglow which I’ve always liked for the drumming cadence and melody. J.D Fortune was eventually replaced in 2011 and INXS would give their final appearance in 2012 although they’ve never officially announced a retirement.

Afterglow came from the bands 11th studio album Switch released in 2006. The song was written as a tribute to Michael Hutchence who was one of INXS founders.
According to Wikipedia: The song is described as “soft rock”, with melody reminiscent of INXS’ earlier work with Hutchence. Afterglow peaked at #24 on the ARIA Singles chart, spending 10 weeks in the top 50…. Music critic Matt Collar of the publication Allmusic praised the song as an “epic ballad”, noting how it drew influence from U2’s track “With or Without You”.

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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34 comments on “Afterglow (2006) – INXS
  1. Good song. First time I heard it. I never really bought into the Rock Star 2005 thing. I watched some of it, but I thought it was a bit of a train wreak with Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro. And, lets face it, Fortune pales in comparison to Hutchence, who was like the perfect storm of rock stars. He had the looks, the moves, the attitude and the chops. They were a great band with him. I loved their sound. The guitarist had a knack for riffs and the rhythm section was boss.

    • Hey thanks for chiming in again. I never saw the Reality TV Show, in fact that genre of television repulses me. I was also never a big fan of INXS, but I share your sentiments regarding ‘Hutchence’ having the chops lol. They were probably one of the most successful Australian bands on the international stage with Hutchence in there.

      • Well they’re no AC/DC, that’s for sure. In fact they were the antithesis to AC/DC, for better or worse. Ha!

      • I think ACDC have sold more records than any other Australian band in history if memory serves me correct. Yes, they are polar opposites on the contemporary music spectrum, well kinda. Hehe.

      • AC/DC are boss! I love that band. I can do without Highway to Hell, but otherwise, I’m in. I do prefer the Bon Scott AC/DC, though. He was a more nuanced singer. Ha! (But it’s true.)

      • I’m not across much of their music, just the big hits. Thinking back to my school days, ACDC had quite the allegiance with the tough crowd who I always tried to stay on the better side of lol. Yes, the Bon Scott ACDC is iconic at least based on what I’ve read. I like your description – ‘nuanced’ that made me chuckle, but I see what you mean.

  2. badfinger20 says:

    I can’t believe it’s been that long since Hutchence’s death. I was thinking in the 2000s…wow.
    I can see the “With or Without You” influence. That had to be tough for any lead singer because you are competing with a memory and you cannot win.

    • I just remember the controversy surrounding the coroner’s findings. Yes, I hadn’t considered the ‘With or Without You’ influence until reading that quote. As ‘Allthingsthriller’ implied here noone’s going to compete with Hutchence’s legacy.

      • badfinger20 says:

        They were one of the last real rock and roll bands to hit mainstream.

        Off Topic…I have a question I have been meaning to ask you… speaking of rock…have you ever heard of a band named Radio Birdman? Were they big in Australia?

      • Yes they were probably one of the last, but knowledge of mainstream music is probably not my strongest suit.
        I haven’t heard of Radio Birdman. I’m just reading up about them now. Punk music is probably another genre I’m not very familiar. Are you a fan?

      • badfinger20 says:

        Well…INXS were probably the last good mainstream band…to appeal to the masses anyway.

        They did more power pop…I don’t know why people listed them as punk…at least the stuff I heard. They may have evolved into that.

      • I see what you mean regarding the last ‘good’ mainstream band.
        I’m surprised I haven’t heard of Radio Birdman since they are Australian. I mentioned Punk since that’s what I just read. I noticed you haven’t got them in your review discography (which is one heck of a list btw) so I’ll listen to a couple of tracks of on You tube unless you have one in particular to recommend.

      • badfinger20 says:

        Not a lot of great bands that appeared in the 2000s that are popular. Rock music is just not a force like it was…I’m hoping for a comeback.

        I’ve been trying to pick one from them for a Friday. They must have had a cult following anyway…I see T-Shirts of them…new ones they made from past albums. I like what I’ve heard.

      • Yeh, it almost feels like a dying genre. Hip Hop, trance and Rap aren’t really my garb. But I must say I’m not really down with the latest in music as I was as a youngster. So for all I know there is probably great rock being produced, but I just am not across it. The odd great ballad comes out now and then which I only fortuitously catch if I’m out somewhere and hear it on the radio.

      • badfinger20 says:

        There are really good bands out there but they are not being heard because record companies are pushing boy bands and pop divas.
        The funny part is…my son and his friends all like the music from the 60s and 70s…I hear them listening to the Beatles, Stones, Hendrix, Joplin, and so on.

      • Easily marketable boy bands and pop divas have been having their say since they were manufactured back in the 80s and as you state rock groups have been on the decline ever since.
        That’s reassuring that there are still some youth today locked-on to the great sounds of the 60’s and 70’s. I imagine his Dad had something to do with that, huh? Hehe

      • badfinger20 says:

        LOL yea I never pushed it though…he just picked it up I guess. I knew if I pushed it…it wouldn’t have worked.
        His friend’s parents must have done the same thing. They tell me…”We don’t have anyone like Jimi Hendrix today”…and I tell them…and you won’t.

      • I wouldn’t call over-saturating my kids with Dylan and Amadeus pushing. Just gentle nudging haha.
        That’s true, those iconic artists don’t self-replicate.

      • badfinger20 says:

        Bailey has become such a big Dylan fan…and a 2000’s Dylan fan. I believe I succeeded on that front anyway.

      • Based on what I’ve read at least, the adoration of Dylan music very rarely catches on in families. So you should feel blessed your son Bailey is such a great admirer. I read one comment by a Dylan fanatic somewhere: ‘I married a woman that put up with his music and I divorced the previous that didn’t’. Haha
        Dylan seems a very polarising figure. People are either in absolute awe of him or they are simply put-off by his voice, but hold him in high regard because of his legacy.

      • badfinger20 says:

        What a great quote…now that is a fan!
        My wife at first was not a fan until she went with me to see him live one of my 8 times. She came away with a bigger appreciation.

      • That’s sweet Bad, although unusual as he’s often scorned by those who aren’t prepped on his live sound. An old boss of mine at work went to the same concert as I did in 2007 and he was livid. I think he was expecting to hear a 65 Dylan sound and voice.
        The mama of my kids took a long time to come around. After she heard ‘Shadows in the Night’ and the XMAS album (of all records?!) she was hooked.

      • badfinger20 says:

        Oh my goodness… The Xmas record! Dont’ get me wrong…I love it but that is not the one I would think would be a perfect introduction or the one that one stick…but it did the trick so that is good.

        You never know what you are going to get live at times from him. I’ve seen him talk like crazy, not talk at all, and I’ve seen him dance a little… yea if you go wanting to hear vintage Dylan…you will be disappointed…He is not going to do it…he continues to reinvent himself.

      • Yes, the XMAS record, which Connie plays ceaselessly over the festive period. She loves his crooner stuff in general. Connie even plays the XMAS record intermittently throughout the year such is her obsession with the festive season.
        Yes, Dylan’s improved upon a lot of his studio recordings by tinkering with them live. It’s funny when you see him live and it will take people a few lines until they catch on which song he’s singing and then when they know it, it’s like they having found the holy grail. Hehe

      • badfinger20 says:

        That is really cool… I will admit it’s my favorite time of the year also. I love the feeling of it. We were talking religion the other day…but Christmas holds no religious experience to me…it’s just the time and the closeness. My parents were divorced and it was the one time of year we would be together….and they were at peace with each other .

        I’ve seen his own band start looking around and trying to figure out what he is playing which I find hilarious. He keeps them on their toes. I’ve read later that yes…he does that.

      • XMAS can hold fond family memories. I vouch for that.
        yes, Dylan’s particularly infamous for being totally unpredictable on stage and in studio of course. New band members must have a tough time trying to work out what he wants.
        When I saw him in Sydney 2001 the night before he received his Oscar he was very jovial and zingy. I remembered saying to my partner at the time, ‘he’s trying to be Elvis’. It was a fantastic show and to cap it off – the next night performing a gobsmacking ‘Things Have Changed’. If you want to see what I mean by being polarising watch the audience reaction to that song! My old man called me after that performance and to put it frankly he was blown away. He said or words to the effect, ‘Dylan eyes penetrated the TV screen. He didn’t sing that song, he was that song’.

      • badfinger20 says:

        I agree….his eyes and expressions were everywhere…thanks man I’ve never seen that. It doesn’t pull any punches at all. I see the effect it had on the people.

        What didn’t compute was seeing him and then Jennifer Lopez…just didn’t jive lol.

      • Put it down to nostalgia or what have you, but that is one of my favourite live performances of anything I’ve ever seen. He’s unleashing this remarkable verbal tirade of aging cynicism and reasoning (no holding back) and to this audience no-less, then he ever so graciously/meekly accepts the award and gives a wonderfully articulate speech about tranquility and goodwill. The contrast between the consummate artist and gracious victor couldn’t be more accentuated. It doesn’t get much better.

      • badfinger20 says:

        To that audience made it special. The cool ones like Michael Douglas got it.
        The song is so powerful… not the run of the meal pop song that most of the audience were accustomed to.

      • He and his wife Catherine Zeta both got a real kick out of it. Well Michael Douglas was the protagonist in the movie for which the song was written, ‘Wonder Boys’. A pretty darn good movie too.

      • badfinger20 says:

        Yes it was… again it’s been a while

  3. You brought back memories. I got to see them perform back in the late 80s when I lived in Australia. Big Pig opened. Too good!

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