24/9 – 30/9/19 Astronomy, IT (Chapter 2) and Mercury 7 Pre-Launch Facilities

news on the march

Welcome to Monday’s News on the March – The week that was in my digital world.

Poem by River Dixon at  The Stories in Between:

If you could see
What I see
In those moments when
You're most vulnerable
You might recognize
Through the haze
Of your sadness
There is something within you
The word beautiful
Fails to describe

 (read more).

Video presentation by David Butler:

I would recommend anyone with an interest in astronomy to subscribe to David Bulter’s video channel. The combination of the classical music and his monologue (timbre of the voice) is eerily soothing. The Hubble and other Space and ground based Telescope pictures are stunning.
(Watch full episode)

Article by  Reely Bernie:

The shadows are the most important element, I think. In the midst of reading and mentally manufacturing a setting, shadows appear in familiar places that aren’t normally there in real life. Our imagined world – aided by the articulate prose of Stephen King – forms itself out of light, only to be darkened one chapter at a time. King’s best works “darkened” the most light from 1975 to the late 90s. It was in the wheelhouse in 1986 and remains one of the scariest reads of my life… (Read More)

Video podcast on the David Pakman show:

I have always admired Sam Harris for his courage to speak about on his disenchantment with the modern left. Sam’s thinking is clear and consistent and Pakman’s interview style mature and respectful. This is the way conversation and the exchange of ideas should be conducted. (Listen to full podcast)

Article by  Michael Stephen Wills:

Here is the sixth in a series of photographs centered on the early history of space flight on Cape Canaveral mostly taken during a tour organized by the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Foundation. “Google” the foundation for details of future tours. Here we explore pre-launch support for the Mercury program, including the first USA Orbital Launch of John Glenn from Launch Complexe 14 (LC 14). (Read More)

news on the march the end

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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8 comments on “24/9 – 30/9/19 Astronomy, IT (Chapter 2) and Mercury 7 Pre-Launch Facilities
  1. Thanks for sharing my post link, Michael.

  2. badfinger20 says:

    That is a great review of It Chapter 2…he was totally right.

    I’ve listened to what I could of the Sam Harris Podcast because of time…the part about Political Correctness…He does take the common sense approach which is good to hear.

    • I saw IT Chapter last week with Connie and we were bored to death by it and just wanted it over. And Connie likes crappy horror movies haha I’m glad I don’t have to write a review on it. Geez Louise.

      I’m glad you liked Sam’s comments about Political Correctness. I admire him. He goes into the lions den, well and truly. Whether it’s against Jordan Peterson, a catholic priest or the radical left. Unfortunately, his common sense and rationalist approach is still viewed as alternative-thinking rather than mainstream.

  3. badfinger20 says:

    Yea they had the best source material available…the book! Why not open it up and read it? What a concept. The movies ignored the close relationship between the losers and yes there is a lot missing in the horror. They ignore the subtle things and go for the jump scares.

    He takes the common sense approach and that is what I like. I don’t like extreme either way… Yes I agree with you by the way his common sense is viewed…and I find that extremely sad.

    • You were probably right when you wrote they would have been better off to make a more faithful adaptation by creating a TV series on IT.

      Regarding Harris it’s become apparent that wokeness, virtual signalling and group collectivism has become more mainstream and Sam’s moderate views pushed WAY right. The centre and the moderates have lost their voice in tech and corporate world at large, education, Hollywood, and the press. It’s genuinely scary.

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