19/11 – 25/11/19 Elton John, Down Under and Wild Geese

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Welcome to Monday’s News on the March – The week that was in my digital world.

Book review by Richard Williams at thebluemoment:

Big disappointment, that Elton John. I’d been expecting his autobiography, Me, to contain a chapter gratefully acknowledging all the people who wrote about him with warmth and enthusiasm in the British music weeklies at a time when he couldn’t get arrested on Denmark Street. I’m thinking of Penny Valentine, Lon Goddard, Caroline Boucher. And, yes… me.

How soon, how completely, they forget.….… (read more).

Article by Sheree at View from the Back:

Driving around Australia has often turned into much more than driving from A to B as quickly as possible. It’s given us a fine appreciation of the varied and beautiful landscapes, land use and crop cultivation, the rigours of life in the Outback, distances, and how difficult it must have been for those early settlers – convicts or otherwise.

I spend hours researching where to stay and for how long and it was satisfying that as the trip unfolded I’d largely been proved correct. I say largely because there’s always places where we could have tarried longer or towns en route where I would have happily stopped and further investigated their charms…..Read Entire Article

Poem at House of Heart:

This is a day of sun kissed
stones and blustery winds,
of wild geese adorning river banks
their graceful necks and gilded feathers
remind me that I am nothing more than
an observer to that enchanted world.
Moss covered arms of oak reach across
slanted waves to weightless clouds
passing by.
Dipping my fingers into green and amber
circlets I hold my reflection in cupped palms..… (View Original Post).

Story by the Intellectual Shaman:

The beach is where people go to get away from the world. They lounge in the sand, their whale bodies, white, and wrinkly. And concession sellers walk by offering overpriced drinks. My van is parked 50 feet away. It’s my life; and periodically my family visits.

“What are you doing here? A vacation is one thing, but you’re wasting your time.”

“The waves are having an effect on me; they’ll bring me something good.”

“Have you lost your mind?”…..…. (Read entire post)

Post the grizzly grist:

What does it mean to be a good neighbor?

Is it simply smiling as you drive by the house?

Is it raising your hand with a wave as you pass them in the street corner?

Is it picking up a valuable and returning it to their doorstep?

Is it holding open the door as he wobbled in on the cane?

Is it helping her take one more step with her feeble pace?….(Read entire post)

news on the march the end

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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4 comments on “19/11 – 25/11/19 Elton John, Down Under and Wild Geese
  1. badfinger20 says:

    The Elton John article was fantastic. The Randy Newman story very interesting.

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