Reactions to the ‘Christopher Hitchens on Big Tech Censorship’ DarkHorse Clip

Years before I encountered the erudite discussions of the Weinsteins or any of the Intellectual Dark Web (IDW) participants, I was drawn to watching presentations by the 4 Horseman – the almost now defunct Atheist counter culture-culture phenomenon. What drew me to them wasn’t so much their arguments for Atheism, rather their temerity in asking the ‘no-go-to’ questions and challenging archaic world-view concepts. They were in effect a precursor and/or laid the ground for the IDW movement by creating a tsunami of radical ‘centrist’ thinking which continues to have ripple effects to this day. Christopher Hitchen’s was the counter culture and devil’s advocate who IDW member’s still hold in great esteem because his opinions are as relevant now considering the polarising political climate we find ourselves sequestered. The comments by the Weinsteins in the video above is one such example.

I mentioned the term ‘centrist’ above because it seems to aptly describe not only what Hitchens expressed but what the ‘fictional’ IDW believe in general. They always try to meet somewhere in the middle of the polarising political debate and challenge the raging ideas fought out by the left and right in the political spectrum. The searching algorithms of Google, Facebook and other big Techs in today’s social media climate essentially force people into political identity and ideological boxes of thinking. What the ideas espoused by the 4 Horsemen and IDW do is challenge both sides and expose the ineptness and partiality of the algorithmic AI that the big techs use to keep you clicking.

What is so frustrating about what the Big Techs are doing is it aligns with what the enemies of Western Culture are purported to have attempted and seemingly currently doing to disrupt our sanctuary of common ideal ‘unity’ which I wrote about here in the Future of War article. As clearly demonstrated in the article and specifically the video within – The US Government and its allies knew what was coming and where we were headed with Social Media polarisation and now with COVID and the ensuing draconian measures implemented by our governments and municipalities we are evidently losing the Cyber / Biological war to our enemies.

As I have argued in other articles, the Centrist – counter polarisation ideas have been made inoperative by these ‘woke’ Big Tech giants who stand-by enforcing their vague ‘community’ guidelines. So the middle ground as it were is either unheard or slandered as ALT RIGHT propaganda because it doesn’t pander to the ‘Great Reset’ woke movement. Our Governments are indulging in this as well, because they aim to be responsibly accountable first and foremost, not realising by doing so they are exacerbating the problem which was instigated against our societies in the first place.

Despite this informative presentation by the Weinsteins about the perilous track the Big Techs have us, there is an extant I think we need to consider. This problem about the Big Tech stranglehold on our communication should be a legal or statutory matter where the Courts and Government need to step in and curtail private corporation monopolisation of information on the Internet.

Google and Facebook are private corporations and can do what they damn well please when it comes to which information they allow published on their platforms, however they purport to be open community spaces which is a dichotomy if ever there was one. It’s dishonest and misleading. The free public space which was the Internet is being gutted by three things and creating dangerous polarization and division every wherever you look.

1. A asinine public who can’t see they are being duped.
2. Multinational privatization and censorship of Information on the net
3. Government and Statutory bodies not enforcing freedom of information and expression on the Internet and turning a blind eye to monopolization by Big Corp.

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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