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Reactions to the ‘Christopher Hitchens on Big Tech Censorship’ DarkHorse Clip

Years before I encountered the erudite discussions of the Weinsteins or any of the Intellectual Dark Web (IDW) participants, I was drawn to watching presentations by the 4 Horseman – the almost now defunct Atheist counter culture-culture phenomenon. What drew

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A Brutal Four Minutes for Religion

You can find the whole speech here at Dangerous ideas festival in Sydney. Related Articles: 1. What is True? The most provocative yet necessary philosophical debate of our time? 2. Chomsky on Žižek and Peterson’s ‘Logos’ and ‘I act as

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The God Delusion – Richard Dawkins

I was a born again christian (baptist) turned agnostic. Tomorrow I could be a Jedi. I have read a lot of books in recent years about theology and the validity of the new testament. I began to really question my

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