Why Doesn’t Nearly anyone or the Press Care about the Origin of COVID 19?

In 2019, China under the US Trump leadership was losing the Tariff war and suffering economically to not put a finer word on it, and most remarkably since the Pandemic and onwards – 2020, China have attained positive economic growth – unlike that seen anywhere in the Western World during the Pandemic, despite the irony the virus originated from China.

Anyone with any sense wouldn’t trust the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) recent findings about their rejection about a Wuhan lab leak since they have been in bed with China, testament to their rejection to even name Taiwan. The WHO doesn’t recommend Taiwan just as China doesn’t. Even Jamie Metzl who is a member of the WHO admitted here the WHO is compromised. Taiwan declared a national emergency on COVID in December 2019 way before the western world had even got stock what was taking place.

External investigators were disallowed to enter WUHAN at the outbreak by the Chinese authorities. If it wasn’t for the suppression of information by the Chinese authorities it is very likely the Pandemic could have been averted from mass scale destruction. They imprisoned journalists, and scientists who spoke up about it, and destroyed samples and eliminated and removed databases. It’s amazing the western media aren’t pushing this and our public in general aren’t aware of this.

As I mentioned in this article ‘The Future of War’ made by the US Navy in 2019 that it was well understood our enemies would attack us by division of society and that has been overwhelmingly successful… wouldn’t you say? I personally feel COVID is an attack on us from a more pointed perspective, but we remain blase about this and so does our whole society and especially our media who couldn’t give a shit.

To conclude this article I would like to present this piece just released from the 4 Corners investigative program Australia – Xi Jinping: China’s president and his quest for world power

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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6 comments on “Why Doesn’t Nearly anyone or the Press Care about the Origin of COVID 19?
  1. badfinger20 (Max) says:

    They only care about banning Dr Seuss and Pepe Le Pew now. The virus was SO last year.
    WHO’s leader is about as corrupt a guy as you can get…he loves China.

    I would not have joined back with them unless they started to pay up for the damage they did.

    • Yeh, I have been reading about their latest book burning. I heard somewhere they have also taken off some old classic Disney flicks too.

      It’s a sorry state of affairs indeed Max. And it’s getting worse rapidly. If you find time watch the last ten minutes of the latest and Brett Weinstein and Jordan Peterson. Weinstein lays it all bare.

  2. ashok says:

    Peace and wisdom unto all 🙏

    We are living in a strange world ☺️

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