3/5 – 9/5/21 incl. The Big Lebowski, Ivermectin & Vaccines

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Welcome to Monday’s News on the March – The week that was in my digital world.

Video interview at Today

Last night I received in my video feed the scene from The Big Lebowsky of ‘You’re entering a world of pain‘ when rival bowler Smokey (Jimmie Dale Gilmore) steps over the foul line, Walter (John Goodman) goes nuts. It had me in hysterics. The dog isn’t even a Pomeranian! “I didn’t bring it bowling, I didn’t rent it shoes, I’m not buying it a beer, it’s not gonna take your turn Dude.” This movie which is truly unlike any other is the gift that keeps on giving. A little later after this reunion video popped up and it was a treat to see the actors reminisce their time together playing the most absurd and unlikely trio of misfits. ...(Watch video)

Edited 3/8/2021 I trusted what was said on the banned episodes of the Darkhorse podcast and even wrote articles about them in support of their arguments (such as the article below).  I continue to be repulsed about the mass censuring by You Tube / Twitter / Facebook about pro-Ivermectin or Anti Vaccine presentations But, based on the recent interview by Rebel Wisdom with Yuri Deigin called Yuri Deigin Responds to Bret Weinstein on Vaccines, Ivermectin & Quillette and the data presented within I will now stop taking Ivermectin and get the Vaccine at the first available opportunity. Thanks Rebel Wisdom for showing both sides. I don’t disrespect those still unwilling to take the vaccine because people should remain free to decide what they chose for their bodies to be administered. But my own mind has been made up after waiting out a little bit of time to see what extra data and information surfaced about the efficacy and safety of the Vaccines. Now I have at least what satisfies me to take the Vaccine plunge. Cheers.

  • Yesterday, I had a lazy Sunday at home watching the PGA golf final day in the afternoon and the baseball Sunday night game. I was delighted to see packed golf galleries and a seemingly near-sold out stadium in baseball enjoying their respective sports and mostly unmasked. I can’t say I’m not a bit envious since we are all still in a lockdown state of mind here in Bogotá. Everyone masked-up and many schools are still closed, sporting events off limits and Prohibition of Alcohol (Dry Law). Therefore I assumed Colombia must be in a much worse predicament than the US in terms of COVID, so I wanted to confirm this. Here, I found this useful Mortality Analyses from the university of St John’s Hospital web site of Deaths per 100,000 severity between 20 of the most affected countries by COVID. As you can see the US is sixth with 177 per 100,000 and Colombia ninth with 151 per 100,000. So why is Bogotá still under such stringent restrictions? Bogotá may well have a mortality rate much higher than the rest of Colombia, but it appears the principle reason is because the ICU’s are reaching their maximum capacity. According to Semana (in April 2021) the Minister of Health announced that Bogotá has just 2,450 ICU beds, yet we have a population of over 8 million people! How could one  not forsee that the ICUs would be under huge strain with that quantity of ICUs serving a population of that magnitude during a Pandemic?

    The video presented today is from one my trusted weekly go to news sources on a wide variety of topics, but most recently COVID and the vaccines. They talked about Ivermectin and the Absolute Vs Relative risk reduction from COVID vaccines. They had mentioned on much earlier occasions the supposed efficacy of Ivermectin in treating COVID and I had read about a research study in Argentina showing remarkable results and a presentation of a doctor in the US pleading with Congress that they review the data on Ivermectin. The original video and subsequent video has been taken down by You tube and the video marked fake on Facebook.

    When the uncle of my children contracted COVID and had serious symptoms I gave her a list of medications including Ivermectin and Vitamin D he should take based on what I had learned. After getting approval from a medical specialist he took them and he rapidly regained his health in a matter of a few days. An alleged doctor in the comments section of this video wrote:

    As a physician, I have treated, or prophylaxed 100 patients with ivermectin. 66/70 have been better in 12-48 hours. Half of these were elderly, multiple co morbid high risk. The other 4 started late in their course but still maintained O2 in the 90s and recovered within 3-5 days. None ever required hospitalization. Treated 2 neighbors in their 60s this week. Better in 18 hours. Of the 30 patients I have prophylaxed, none have acquired Covid.

    Historically it is an anti parasitic, working on a glutamate chloride channel which humans don’t possess. We have studied it against viruses for a decade and have known it has antiviral activity. (Flaviviruses, yellow fever, dengue, Zika, Ebola, coronaviruses).

    Against Covid the mechanisms of action are :
    1. Inhibits spike binding to the ACE2 receptor
    2. Inhibits the alpha/beta importing subunit that the virus uses as a taxi to ride into the cell
    3. Blocks a protease that allows the virus to unfold and fold itself
    4. Inhibits the virus from using the rna dependent rna polymerase Immune system effects and hence efficacy in the early inflammatory, full inflammatory and post inflammatory phases of the disease
    5. Stimulates the nucleus to upregulate nuclear cellular interferon production, which stimulates surrounding cells to do the same. The virus high jacks and decreases interferon early. Ivermectin reverses this viral effect. Increased interferon balances the TH1 /TH2 responses and hence decreases inflammatory cytokines.
    6. Balances extra cellular neutrophilic traps thereby decreasing fibrosis and lung damage. Covid death and damage is primarily from clotting
    7. Ivermectin binds to the platelet, red cell and endothelial CD147 receptor, and thereby acts as an anticoagulant. Sars Cov 2 binds this receptor to cause clotting. Ivermectin reverses that.’
    (Watch full video clip)

news on the march the end

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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3 comments on “3/5 – 9/5/21 incl. The Big Lebowski, Ivermectin & Vaccines
  1. badfinger20 (Max) says:

    Thank you Matt… The Big Lebowski talk was wonderful…in fact I’m about to watch it again. I haven’t seen it in a while.

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